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  • Jason Jason Sep 29, 2013 18:19 Flag

    MUCH Better!

    I wouldn't call that perfect, but this had made me nervous because we've had this awful habit, of playing down to our competition, and it would have been horrible to be the 1st win on Sunderland's CV this year..

    We still have trouble with teams pressing us high when we want to play out of the back, but, with Kolo playing RCB and Sakho really getting baptised by fire, you'd imagine that will improve, and Skrtel marshalled everything in the middle like a general. Loved his foray forward before getting fouled.. looked like Messi

    A bit loose in our passing at times, still need more creativity from the wide areas, but we made the keeper work, Brendan didn't have us sit back, and we showed adventure, purpose and intent going forward almost the entire 2nd half. What's more exciting is the prospect of when Coutinho comes back, Alberto gets more involved, and Aspas gets stronger.. And of course Glen or Kelly getting in at RB. Well Done. YNWA

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    • Hello Jason

      Happy with the results but the manner in which we're going about things makes me nervous. Too many times this season we've allowed the opposition to have too much of the game. So far we've got away with it but it wont last especially when everyone realises that if they play a very high line against us they can squeeze us back and we'll just sit there and try to soak it up.

      There are things that need to be sorted in the back 6 (as I call them) that's the back 4 and the two sitting in front of them.

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      • Hi Colyn/Jason, I keep seeing people talking about a back 4 but in the last 2 games now, we have played a 3-5-2 with Toure-Skrtel-Sakho making up the back 3 and Henderson and Enrique playing as wingbacks. I certainly don't think we found ourselves pushed back against United but we were definitely soaking up some scary looking pressure at Sunderland. I am hoping Allen will be fit to replace the banned Lucas against Palace and agree his mobility might actually improve us, especially in a home game against, with all due respect, a weaker team.

        The Gerrard/Lucas pairing doesnt look one to dominate games, they can be fluid at times but when under the cosh they go a bit direct, of course Gerrard spraying balls around looks fantastic and can get you a goal in an instant as it did against Sunderland. By the looks of things we might not need to talk about someone doing the Xabi role come January, the man himself is looking quite likely for a return, which would be awesome. Yes he is older but he was always slow in the first place, of course he has a good passing range but it is the quality of his short passing and constant availability for a pass that could take us a couple of steps forward.

        I don't want to be wishing or waiting on January but there is certainly something missing in the centre. Look at us, finding problems when we are sat in 2nd place :)

      • Hey Colyn,
        Long time mate, hope you've been well! I agree, which is why it was far from perfect, and if not for that Reina-esque fast break distribution by Mignolet for goal #3, who knows if we didn't concede a leveler.

        While we'll see another winnable fixture on paper, my mantra is, there is no easy match whatsoever, especially for a Liverpool fan, so I think we can learn some new things this coming weekend about our back 6 vs Crystal Palace. Perhaps we'll have Kelly available to play RB, or Wisdom plays his way into the plans, and we play a flat back 4.

        We've also lost Lucas to yellows, so we'll likely (you'd think) see Gerrard/Jordan sitting in the middle, which will allow Sterling/Aspas/Ibe to get a start out wide right, which would really create some balance, and speed/creativity throughout the entire front 3rd, and reduce the high pressing..