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  • Jason Jason Oct 7, 2013 17:31 Flag

    Not Good Enough

    Irony begins with me, the BR advocate and our current position, but I'm not one for complacency, and I like to view things 1 at a time, as they are..

    We should have won that game 6-0, minimum, but again (though better) weren't great in the 2nd half, though for some reason decided to really push about 84"+ as if we were chasing a draw. Granted 2 well crafted chances/shots hit the bar in Sturridge and Moses, and they weren't the 2012 hit the bar type, but we definitely should have had more, much like Fergie's biggest thing, scoring more goals and goal differential.. Just look if we'd won 5-0, we'd be clear by 2 goals, and close to City's +9 which will get higher as they climb. If ever a year where clean sheets and goal diff will mean everything, this is it..

    As for the players, I thought some were terrific: Henderson / Skrtel the choices as MoM for me. I've often said I'd like to see Jordan groomed into a box to box because I think he possesses a lot more in his locker than Lucas, and boy did he show it. His pace and work rate make it very difficult to go around and through him, and he allowed Stevie to play more comfortably. Skrtel looked his 2012 form and Sakho was commanding. Enrique was his usual Jekyll and Hyde, good then terrible turnovers. Sterling did ok, but needs much better decision making/end product in the final 3rd.

    It was nice to see Alberto getting a run because Coutinho is still week's off, and he's really our best like for like, just needs to get up to speed and cope with the rigors. Suarez and Sturridge great obviously, Mignolet very very good, almost too good because of some poor turn overs and fouls given. There were quite a few moments/scrambles where a team like Arsenal or City will smash them home, and that's my problem, and I'm glad Brendan shared the same.. For those who hated his positives even in bad games, surely you can find enjoyment in his criticism after victories. He wants 90" of perfection & we're a work in progress.

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    • I think we have been thinking alike this weekend Jason as i was going to start a thread called "Not Great, but not bad either", which is what I think you're saying, although as usual I put a bit more "glass half full" emphasis.

      On not scoring 2 or 3 or 4 more goals, I got to give a little to the players. When you're that far ahead its really hard to keep up the same momentum from one half to the next. And, really it maybe more mental thing than a physical thing. However the reaction after giving up the goal I think is a good sign, as it showed not keeping a clean sheet really hurt, so they wanted to put Palace back under the sword.

      On player ratings I'd pretty much agree with you, although I'd tend to be a bit harsher on Sterling. Don't want to have a go at the lad, as he's young and has a long way to go in his footballing education, however going forward I think he was our weak link. As you say poor decision making, but also just did not seem to find the spaces he should have been seeking out either. But he will learn.

      But I'd also call out praise for Moses. Yes he should have scored when he got his feet tied up, and maybe he's just not spent enough time with Suarez to expect that low hard cross, but overall against Palace (and since he's been with us) I was impressed. He's not playing in his best natural position (out wide) and it seems he still does not have the perfect chemistry with his teammates yet, but he's direct, good on the ball, and finding the right pass, the right run, and imo really giving us another edge going forward.

      Lastly however I'd want to temper expectations. The table really does not mean a thing right now. 10 games before it really starts to reflect things imo. However we are in a good position outright by looking at our margin over those we are likely to be fighting against for a top 4 finish, or compared with where we were just 12 months ago. Forget first or second, we just have to keep moving forward one game at a time.

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      • Personally I'm a glass half full too. You can definitely get more in there, which is why I can be rather critical of things.

        The results? Good
        Score 3 goals? Good
        Can we play better? Yes
        Should we do better? yes, most definitely
        Will we need to do better? You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

        However on the flip side I do need to pinch and remind myself if I had been offered this position before the season started would I have taken it? Yup, without question but the league has a weird feeling this year. No bad thing but cross fingers we can take advantage of it.