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    Our Last 38 Games..

    Thought some might find this pretty interesting, though it means little until May, but for tour departed Debbie downers and naysayers, it would show that we are progressing steadily, and actually faster than some of us realize. Again, the points and table really mean little right now, but like Brendan says, these are 16 points we didn't have at this point last year, as we were sitting in the bottom half with a negative g/d. Now, we're joint top with a healthy +/-, and probably could have/should have more points, if we'd done a few little things..

    In our last 38 matches, including this year's 7 fixtures, we have
    71 points..
    20-11-7, Wins, Draws, Losses
    +26 goal differential

    These are the type of figures that typically get you 4th spot, and in recent years, perhaps even this year, would be more than enough to even challenge top 3, when looking at how tight it is, and all the competition for those coveted Champions League spots.

    Things can only get better, as we've faced some difficult injuries to key players, gotten adapted to 1 system, then started to employ another, while now adapting to a third. Rodgers still has a lot to accomplish, a lot to impress upon this squad, and they have a lot of room to improve, but all things considered, for the first time in many a year, we should feel good (not resting on laurels) that we're not half bad.. It's a glass 3/4 full to me.. a glass of cold beer that is..

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    • A little challenge for you. It would be more interesting to see how that stacks up against everyone else in the league. It's all well and good showing the form we have but it means nothing without anything to compare it to.

      To make it easier there's more than a few sides you can ignore. relegated and promoted sides for example.

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      • Arsenal: 23-8-7 - 77 points
        Chelsea: 19-10-9 - 67 points
        Man City: 20-7-11 - 67 points
        Manure: 25-6-7 - 81 points
        Spuds: 21-8-9 - 71 points

        So, without doing goal differential, which I didn't have the energy for, (though I know we had more than Spuds), here is the top 4 over the past 38:

        United - 81 points
        Arsenal - 77 points
        Liverpool - 71 points
        Spurs - 71 points