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  • Colyn Colyn Oct 21, 2013 09:03 Flag

    Let's be honest

    Who thought that Newcastle performance was a good one?

    I certainly don't. I thought it was absolutely awful and pretty typical of the performances we've had so far this season. Ok I cant complain about the results, well actually I can. We should have 3 points from Saturday. Credit to Newcastle they dug in but we should have taken all three leaving Newcastle feeling robbed.

    They completely dominated the game for the first 35-40 minutes and gave us nothing. They made us look very poor. The sending off changed things and gave us the opportunity to steal the game and we didn't take it.

    I'm extremely disappointed about what I saw. Moses was awful and had the ball control of Dirk Kuyt. Henderson was anonymous. Cissokho was sloppy in possession. There was no movement from the midfield. We were far too narrow and offered no width at all. There was no out ball from the back.

    All in it was typical of the performances we have had this season and we will be lucky to get 10th if we carry on. The results will dry up unless the performances pick up. That is guaranteed. We are very easy to play against. Press high and hard and we will just sit there. The lack of width and movement in the middle gives us no out ball and we cant hold possession. That means we cant pressurise the opposition and force them back at all. Believe me the results will not continue without a big change in the quality of our football.

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    • I'd agree with almost all of that except the last paragraph. For me we looked off the pace, lacking in focus, and just a step behind. There was just no spark, invention or energy to our play. It could be argued that this was due to players being away, but that was the case with many around the league, but we saw energy from other teams. Besides, that might be a fair excuse for players who traveled to South America, or Africa like Moses, but harder to apply to those who stayed in Europe, and especially the English lads who only went down to the capital.

      But I'd not say it was a typical performance. For me while I've been disappointed when we've shrunk away in the second half of games, for the most part I think we've shown much higher levels of performance, energy and creativity in most games this season so far. Which is why i'd not get overly concerned over this result (and performance) Yes a bad day at the office, but to expect perfection throughout the season is asking too much. But how we react when things don't go to plan, that is what imo will define our season.

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      • hi Dsteer. We've seen this in every game and I find it a real worry. Moses has no excuses he wasn't away. Agreed there was no energy at all. Very flat. My biggest problem is that we are very easy to play against and we play in a way that typifies a team near relegation. Sit back and let them come on and not enough quality to dominate the game outright. That will mean that we will lose more games soon and it may start a worrying trend.

        I saw a snippet of the Villa vs Tottenham game on Sunday. The difference in quality from both sides was staggering. Both Villa and Tottenham showed ability to keep the ball at times and push forward pressing the opposition back. We just sit there and wave our arms about when there's a bad pass forward, it's miss controlled or actually there's no one available. I saw that too, more than once as well.

        This will not bode well going forward mark my words. The slope may more slippery with the risk of losing Suarez at Christmas etc. I am honestly worried and appalled by what I'm seeing.