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  • Jason Jason Oct 27, 2013 18:58 Flag

    Now That's More Like it (and a few other things)

    First, the other things.. Figures Torres plays out of his mind, and gets a 91st min winner, or we could have had a little breathing room in 2nd place ahead of the HUGE match w/ Arsenal. 2nd, US commentary said today's Chelski Citeh match featured a combined $1.3Billion dollars worth of players, just pathetic. 3rd, Southampton are not going away, they're going to be in the top 6 conversation all year. 4th, I think Spuds may just win every game 1-0 on Soldado pk's, their D is impressive. And 5th, Borini scored an absolute stunner for the Sunderland winner, which was great to see, because I've been upset he's on loan and 2 managers haven't used him at all, which I'm sure is not part of a loan agreement, while Altidore looks lost. Good for Fabio, we could always welcome him if he plays like that when he's on..

    Ok, now on to yesterday and Arsenal. That was probably the finest we've played all season, by a long shot, if nothing else, while in this 3-4-1-2 formation. I felt that PK was very harsh, just a collision with Lucas in the box, so I felt as if we did keep a clean sheet despite the goal. Skrtel was everywhere, and Sakho looked his best so far, Toure good enough. I don't care that it was West Brom, whereas someone like Colin would have complained as if they don't count, yet West Brom just won at Old Trafford, and held Arsenal to a draw, ending their 9 match winning streak, and who also beat us twice last year, 3-0 and 2-0. We're finding ways to outclass the teams we struggle against with parking the bus.

    As for next week, I really think we need to revert back to a normal back 4, because Giroud is good enough to cause some problems, and if his hold up/link up play is on, Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere etc., will all find space and pick the 3 cb system apart. As for who starts, for me, Glen, Skrtel, Aly, and Agger. I'm not sure if Agger is on his way, but we could use his ball skills vs a technical side. 4 Cbs also lets Jordan stay & makes room for Coutinho..

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    • Hi Jason, I agree with almost everything here. For me we looked fluid and in control for almost the entire match, never took the foot off the gas, and played as well if not better in the second half as we did in the first. I think some credit has to go to Henderson and Gerrard who really rotated that attacking midfield role and really knitted together the midfield and the front line. And, of course we were solid in the back, and like you think the only thing that spoiled the match was the penalty call which looked soft at best..

      I'd agree with Colyn also that pulling Moses out of that advanced central role may have been the key move. However I really do rate the lad, but think his best role is really to be wide in an attacking 3 where his pace ability to take on a player and be direct is his best asset.

      I'd also discount anyone saying its just WBA. Yes they are not a likely top 4 contender so we'll know more next week when we match up with Arsenal, but Brom are a solid top half team, who've had our number recently, and as you said have found a way to get results against the top clubs.

      The only thing I'd question is the formation for next week. To be honest I'm not sure what is best, and have advocated we go back to a back 4 for a couple weeks and have been wrong. But looking at the threat from Arsenal, if we can keep their full backs occupied (and wing backs maybe the best way of doing that) I see everything coming through the center. They'll have Giroud up top on his own, who is a handful but I think Skrtel in the center can handle him, so the threat is the midfielders coming from deep, and either denying them the ball, or clogging things up I think maybe the best way to frustrate them. So long as we can then transition the ball through the midfield to the attackers I think we have a good chance of getting a result.

      One final thought, good shout out on Borini. Not sure the lad would make it to our bench right now, but good to see him in action.

    • Shamefully I missed the game. Cross fingers I can see it later. But discussing the game with my cousin last night in the pub he agreed that we played very well indeed and I welcome it.

      By all accounts Gerrard was playing in a more advanced role? Moses didn't make the starting 11 which I think is right. So far he hasn't impressed me at all and that advanced midfield role is so crucial and you need someone with some ability in there. Vision, control, movement and just plain and simple ability on the ball.

      For Arsenal I'm not overly concerned about Giroud it's the players behind him that bug me most. Ozil, Ramsey and Corzolla in particular. They need to be taken out of the game by holding possession better than we have done so far this season.

      one other thing is that Arsenal are a little bit susceptible to being hit on the break if Flamini and Arteta aren't playing. Ozil will not track back