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    Saturday's Line Up

    I get the sense that not much is going to change by BR's comments on how hard Agger is working and training to get his spot back. Nothing specifically says he will or he won't, and sometimes Rodgers is a bit cryptic, but when he says "he's working so hard, and when his time comes, he'll rejoin the group" I just make that assumption, though, it could just be cryptic and maybe he will.. That said, I'm not sure I love the 3 CB system here, but I'll give 2 cracks at it..



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    • I think that the 3 cb's is to accommodate our 2 boys up front and keep the midfield full of bodies. I could be wrong, but Arsenal have a lack of width due to injuries so I like the idea of wing backs for this game. The fact that Flamini is out may make Rodgers think that we only need one holder with Gerrard and Henderson pushed forward a bit. If needs be in the game, Stevie can drop to play alongside Lucas. The question is whether little Phil is gonna play, I doubt he will from the start but would come on later. It's time to be bold !

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      • I wish I could remember the stat or percentage, but I saw yesterday that a huge majority of Arsenal's attacks, open play and counter attacks come down the right side, which would make sense, considering Sagna is very attack minded, slack in defense, and then you have Ozil who prefers to come down that same side and cut inside, with Wilshere/Ramsey (Healthy Walcott) all going that side too, so that's where we need to exploit them.

        We actually did this last year at Emirates with a great deal of success, having Suarez as a left sided attacker, however, in this instance I would agree that the 3 cb system will probably stay, and we'll see a lot of Henderson on that side to help Sissokho attack and defend, and where Sturridge likes to roam on his preferred left foot.

        I think this could be done to greater effect with natural width in Moses, where he can take on Sagna, or keep him honest, or exploit whoever is "holding" in midfield, which presumably would be Arteta and Wilshere, and neither is a good defender.

        Honestly, I see both sides of the coin with 3 CBs and a flat back 4, but I just feel like the flat back 4, would allow us that extra player in attack, whether it be Moses or Coutinho from the get go, without taking Jordan off. Keeping in 3 CBS may do just fine, and allow us other options, so I won't complain either way, I just want to see us play well, and play to win.