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    The air of a dying (possibly dead) forum in here!

    Yahoo!'s decision to hide all links to these forum seems to be working perfectly as the forum now looks and feels like a GHOST town.

    Anyway, just pop in to the forum to wish you guys commiserations on your defeat at the Emirates Stadium this evening, it was a great game by two great sides. Sadly for you lot, something has to give as you can't have two top sides at the top of the tree, lol. Good luck for the rest of the season folks but obviously NOT when we play Liverpool in the return fixture at Anfield later on in the season.

    All the best, Gooneresque.

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    • It does seem like yahoo wants to cut of the oxygen to these boards and let them die a slow death. However still drop in a couple times a week hoping it will pick up. I visit another forum pretty regularly which is very good, but as it's almost all reds I do miss the banter and differing point of views these boards used to have.

      On the match, got to say the better team did take the points, and deservedly so. I don't think we played at our best, and missing Johnson was a huge blow, but even full strength and on form this was always going to be a tough fixture.

      Seems to me Arsenal are firing on all cylinders right now, while others whom you'd expect to be challenging are still trying to find consistency. I like others still have my doubts whether Arsenal can stay the course, but think it comes down to whether your lot can maintain the current form throughout the season, which will be tough. A drop in form, or injury to key players could really be telling.

      However I'm of the mind that falling out the league cup might have been the best thing for you. One it reduces the strain on the squad right now, second it tempers expectations, and third it really highlights the depth in squad issue, but in plenty of time for action to be taken. Replace Bendtner with some quality (little Mexican Manc might be available!), and get some decent cover for Falmini in the holding position and I think you've got a real shot.

      The return fixture will be interesting, and I don't think we disgraced ourselves, so I'd expect a very close match when you come to Anfield. Just do us a favor and take care of business next weekend, so we can have one less serious contender for the top 4!

    • As long as I'm around and able, I will be checking these boards and commenting when time permits me, and when I have a comment to make. For those who might read this but then get lost or blocked again, the simple thing that I did, was add this page to the top bar of my favorites, so i can always just click on it. If for some reason that doesn't work, or they discontinue it, all it takes is a quick search on yahoo or goole of "yahoo eurosport message board Liverpool" and wala! Here you come..

      As for the game, it was pretty tense, actually had the feel of a European game, and an actualy, genuine title deciding match, but overall Arsenal were the better team on the day. That said, I think both sides showed strength's and weaknesses. I think Liverpool learned alot about the existing squad, where we need to improve, and perhaps the need to get rid of our 3 CB system because for a team with high skill and clinical play, like Arsenal, they will find ways to exploit it. For Arsenal, I'm not ready to crown them winners by a longshot, as they still have a ways to go as well, but certainly a well done, and marker for this time and place.

      Can Arsenal grind it out, taking on the rigors of 3 competitions, while coping with injuries for another 5-6 months, and can Liverpool step it up, and be more composed, not so tenative and less fluid in matches like this.. Both teams have their chance to reach their goal of top 4, and perhaps title, but alot will really determine that come December-January, along with whoever they each buy potentially in January..

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      • Yeah I keep trying to comment on this spot. There are good people here. I do wish it would pick up a bit though.

        On Saturday the result was right. No complaints about that. Plenty on the way we were set up and played though.

        Does anyone think that the three at the back system that we currently employ played into Arsenal's hands a bit?
        To me it's a system that invites pressure and if there's one team in the PL that you shouldn't be allowing a free run in midfield is Arsenal. I'm not convinced it's right for us. I'm also not convinced that Agger shouldn't be playing.