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  • Jason Jason Nov 7, 2013 16:46 Flag

    Agger in Yellow

    Or green if you will.. Normally you can't make heads or tails of the colors the players are wearing in training, however, in today's training pictures on LFC, every one of our normal, or preferred first 9 are in yellow, 10 including Agger (Migs gets the purple)..

    What does this mean? Maybe nothing, but for me, I think that with us lacking quality in the middle, and Sakho not quite fully adapted, or as good on the ball, perhaps Agger will resume his spot at LCB. What I can't tell, or guess is if it means a flat back 4, but considering Stevie, Lucas, Henderson and Coutinho were also in yellow/green, along with Sturridge and Suarez, that means 2 men are out, and they appear Sakho and Toure, esp since Glenda is fit again, and also in yellow.

    I'll be very happy to see a back flat 4, because while I've seen it work to devastating effect in Italy with Napoli and some other sides, and certainly a place and time for us, 4 at the back is our best way to set up the attacking outfield players, and give two solid CBs the chance to play it out of the back, where Toure certainly cannot, and Sakho not comfortably yet.. (Both wearing orange, with Moses, Alberto, Allen etc)

    Hoping for a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 with Coutinho/Suarez/Henderson in the advanced CAM role.. Let's hope!

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    • Hi Jason

      I agree with most of that except you view that Toure/Sakho cannot play out from the back. I'm not sure they're any worse than Agger and would have them ahead of Skrtel.

      For me a flat back four with Toure & one of Agger/Sakho. Harsh on Skrtel who has looked good in recent weeks but I reckon Toure has more about him.

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      • To each his own, so everyone's entitled to their own view. For me, and while we probably all agree, Agger is best on the ball, he is very prone to mental errors / switching off, but gets a pass for his grace, and left boot. I also think that Skrtel plays out of the back quite well, and it goes unnoticed at times, and on set pieces, he almost always seems to be in the center of a loose ball scramble, and our most likely to head one in. I just saw yesterday, that statistically, Skrtel ranks 3rd in the entire league in challenges, duels and possession won, just behind Mulumbu of WBA, and MBiwa of Newcastle. On top form, at the moment, I think he's our best all around.

        Kolo is slow, that's my problem, and Sakho just seems to struggle with decision making and speed of thought, which will improve, but no issues with his actual physical play.

        Any way we put it, they are all top notch CBs, and any pairing of the 4, should be able to line up comfortably and play a very good flat back line. On any day, I'm choosing Skrtel and Agger, we saw how immense they were 2 years ago, where we finished 3rd in defense, but since, each has struggled for one thing or the other, and we can't seem to just keep a clean sheet now. Let's not forget Ilori who will be introduced at some point!

    • I agree. The more I see the 3 central defenders the less I like it. It makes the team sit too deep and concede possession. Arsenal exposed this.

      Time to get Coutinho, Sturridge and Suarez playing together with the option of bring Alberto into the mix.

      Midfield still worries me and is the prime reason behind the majority of our poor play this season. A stronger midfield with the defenders and forwards we have available and we'd be flying I tell you. I believe it needs to be addressed this Christmas or we'll struggle. Firstly I don't think we'd make a CL spot without addressing that area. We certainly wouldn't last 5 minutes in the CL without sorting it. And lastly and probably most importantly we will lose players if we fail to get a CL spot. CL clubs will be looking and watching over Coutinho, Sturridge and obviously Suarez.