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  • Jason Jason Nov 9, 2013 23:55 Flag

    That's How it's Done!!

    Like I'd guessed / hoped in the previous thread from what I saw in training photos, we came out with probably our best 11, and a nice flat competent back 4, with tremendous balance in the mid and final third. Again, I DO NOT GIVE A ISHT who we slaughter at home 4-0, because in many years past, we haven't done, and this is what top sides and champions do best. Look at this way, WBA won at Old Trafford, we destroyed them 4-1, and then they should have taken all 3 points the Bridge but were hard done by a rubbish pk call today. Fulham held Arsenal to a draw, and caused Spurs (I think) a lot of trouble.. no such trouble today.

    Anyways, it was easily our best and most complete 90" minute performance, and even with us being a little off and not getting a clear breakthrough in the first 20", we kicked on, and got everything we deserved, plus should have gotten a couple more. The only thing I would have liked to have seen, was Alberto maybe getting himself 15-20 mins to fill in that 10 role, and work with Suarez, Lucas, Allen and Moses. BUT, I think Coutinho needed the full 90 for fitness..

    Lastly, and most know I would say this, but Skrtel was absolutely brilliant, since his troubles last season, and being dropped earlier in favor of Kolo, he has been sensational and man on a mission. The bullet header was his trademark, we could always expect 3-4 of those over the season, and some don't see it the way I do, but he looks very good on the ball. For me, at the moment, our finest CB. Scary how despite the stories of us never wanting to sell, I fully believe he was off to Zenit or Napoli, and we're lucky that didn't happen.

    Well done Red Men! Hopefully everyone stays sharp and healthy for the international break, and comes back ready for a proper derby vs our bitter friends!!

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    • Quite right Jason. Our best 90 minute display and you're right to point out that, although Fulham were awful, it is possible to screw up against such teams.

      Suarez, Johnson, Gerrard, PC and Henderson all outstanding for me.

      Just a shame they BR screwed up and picked Skrtel rather than my pick Toure, could have been 7-0 :-)