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    Our Players While on Break..

    I've had the opportunity to watch a couple of matches live over the past few days, for World Cup Qualifiers and International Friendlies, and while there's a whole other batch to be played tomorrow and the day after, I figured I'd comment on what I've seen.. Curious to anyone else's thoughts/comments on what they'd seen.

    Victor Moses - Scored the winning goal in Nigeria's WC clinching victory, and today he was causing all kinds of chaos to the Italy defense, while playing at Craven Cottage, including a very sleek through ball, that led to a headed goal for a 2-1 lead. Goal and half assist (another player crossed it), not bad & we need this!

    Kolo Toure - Played RB for Ivory Coast only because they have 2 brothers who play CB for the same European club, Trazbonspor perhaps? He held his own, and more or less helped them keep a clean sheet.

    Daniel Agger - Captained Denmark to a 2-1 victory, in a friendly. I didn't see it, but as long as we know he didn't get hurt, then it was a successful match for him.

    Martin Skrtel - Captained underdogs, Slovakia to a 2-0 away victory in Poland. Kept Robert Lewandowski in his pocket. Right now, he's on that sheet as fast as Suarez, Mignolet and Gerrard.

    Joe Allen - Won MOM vs Finland, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Saw a compilation video & If I didn't know it was Joe Allen, I would have asked, who the hell is this guy? He was winning balls, and pushing players off the ball, while retaining possession, like he was in a Barcelona shirt.. He could end up a huge piece for us!

    Sturridge - limps off the field today after 45 minutes with a thigh injury, and some news says he's ruled out, but they uncle Woy declares he's fit and will start vs. Germany, so I expect a torn thigh, missing 2-4 weeks, because he's made of glass and Roy seems to have little concern, while attempting a futile, meaningless effort in winning vs. the Germans..

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    • Internationals make me nervous due to the injury risk. The games are one thing but I also believe that the air travel also plays a part.

      I haven't seen much as my focus has been on the rugby (Autumn internationals) but it's good to hear Allen doing well. In my view he is the closest (style wise) to Ramsey and then Xavi. A short passing game with close skills and being silky smooth in possession. I would also add that before this season Ramsey was being slated by Arsenal fans. This year he's a hot property and I have a theory. Movement. The addition of Ozil into the Arsenal fold has provided a significant increase in midfield movement and that gives him options. It's where we should be aspiring to but we're a long way off that but I see Allen as an important player for us in a future midfield that I hope is whole lot more fluid. It's the next crucial step in our development as a side.

      Didn't see Moses but I still remain to be convinced.

      Sturridge has been passed fit. Cross fingers that doesn't mean he gets a jab and comes back crooked.

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      • Hey Colyn,

        I share the similar concerns, and I get particularly upset/concerned when it involves friendlies. We almost always seem assured of losing someone, and in the past few years, prior to BR's arrival and whatever witch doctor he hired, it's been Gerrard and his groin. This time I'm expecting Danny to strain his never ending thigh injury, or Glenda to break a finger nail..

        I watched the video compilation on youtube of Allen's MOM performance in his game again, and I was even more impressed the 2nd time, and no I don't care it was vs. Iceland or Finland, because he's about 5'6 regardless who he plays against, and when he's throwing himself into the tackle, winning balls, and pushing people over, twice his size, it's impressive nonetheless. Perhaps the best part of all of that, was along the lines of what you said, and what we need.. the minute he won a ball back, either in the defensive half, protecting, or higher up the pitch, he immediately re-distributed the ball to a teammate, either going forward, or back, just to retain good possession.

        If he can come in, and do these sorts of things, and get the ball out quickly, either backwards to Gerrard to spray forward, or find some clever balls to Coutinho, it makes us even more dangerous, because at the end of the day Rodgers' system and approach, is quick passing and movement.

        I still think we need 2 bodies in January, 1 out wide for sure, and then either a mid or versatile forward, but if Allen can come in and look like this, perhaps we get by with 1 super buy of the highest quality.. in a wide player..