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  • Colyn Colyn Nov 21, 2013 10:54 Flag

    Frank McParland

    Just heard that Frank McParland has been sacked.

    I'll be interested to see / hear what's going on here as I thought he was doing a decent job and was part of the youth system being aligned with the first team.

    Anyone know anything?

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    • Hey Colyn,

      Embarrassed to say I hadn't read it or heard about it.. Maybe because I was too busy watching Gerrard come off injured in the 56th min vs. Germany or Daniel running his socks off for 90", in that meaningless, daft loss, days before our Derby.

      Back to McParland, if he was sacked, it was most likely (by understanding of them) an FSG thing, and if I had to guess, which could be completely unrelated, due to something I saw but didn't may too much notice to, in us losing a youth player, around 15 years old to another club.. For some reason I want to say Barcelona, but I don't remember, and it could be completely unrelated..

      Anyways, I do trust that they'll bring in someone good, as I don't think we can have any complaints about the staffing we've brought in the past 2 years. We're not title winners, but we're working sound/efficiently .

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      • Ah ha got there in front of you for a change ;o)

        That doesn't sound like enough to sack someone. We lose targets all the time. Most clubs do with say 2-3 clubs getting almost everyone. They being the two Spanish giants and Bayern. Everyone scraps for it.

        To me it sounds like there's something not happening to plan or they want a change for some reason. That surprises me as I though Rodgers had aligned the youth system with first team affairs and McParland was happy with it.

        It's a strange one.