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  • Jason Jason Nov 23, 2013 20:18 Flag

    Thrilling Match, some Major talking points..

    I think there are probably a lot of people who think the draw was about the right result, I happen to think it was about 55/45 in our favor, and 2 points dropped, though it was absolutely thrilling, and you know in the past 3-4 years, we never find that 88th minute equalizer OR come close to making it 4-3.

    I think (and I'm not dwelling on it) Mirallas was absolutely a horrendous red card, and playing down 2-1, with another man down, we might have really opened up a can on them, particularly if Allen knew the ball goes into the net and not next to it ffs! But, even with him on, and other bad challenges on his part, both sides had a plethora of chances.

    I watched some highlights and ffwd of the match on replay, and counted Daniel Agger caught up field, or out of position on 6 occasions, 6!!!!! 2 of which led to goals, and only saved by brilliance of Mignolet, and some last ditch blocks or cover by Skrtel. On the set pieces, I dunno what genius decided to have Glenda on Lukaku once, and Flannagan on the other. He was my main concern today, I would have been fine with Sakho today, and I don't say that in hindsight.

    Lucas is sooo slow, when is slightly caught out, can't recover, doesn't makes slide tackles, and gives away horrible fouls. Between he and Agger, I really felt left wanting. I do have to tip my hat to both teams overall for maybe the best Derby I can ever remember, and for us, Suarez, Mignolet, Coutinho, Jordan & Martin the best of the lot. Stevie on his set pieces/delivery.. Allen wasn't bad, winning some, nipping heels, with tidy passing but missing that sitter..!!!

    Another note of interest, particularly since I'm critical of Lucas & defending overall, Yann M'villa, the highly rated France CDM, was sat in the away LFC fans section with friends, paid for by Liverpool Supporters Club. You can google or search twitter for photos. He's either there to watch his buddies Sakho/Cissokho or just enjoys our rowdy away fans while on Russian League Holiday

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    • Lukaku gave Skrtel a problems all afternoon. He struggled with his pace more than anything.

      I'll say it again. We were hopeless in midfield. Simply failing to retain possession and kill the game. Agreed. Lucas is just not good enough. Apart from a few blocks what does he offer apart from a constant stream of poor tackles and fouls in bad positions? One lead to Everton's first goal. When in possession he does nothing. I've been saying these same comments for years. Allen struggled because he was chasing all afternoon as was Henderson. The game was too tight for Gerrard to influence. He thrives in space but cut that out and he's hopeless. Some needed to put their foot on the ball and basically take charge. It didn't happen.

      Flannagan had a nightmare against Berkley but when he moved inside he got much better.

      Agreed on Glenda marking Lukaku at a set piece? Bonkers!

      The more I see of Sturridge the more I like. He retains possession, holds the ball up and of course scores goals.

      We were lucky and unlucky. yes it should have been a red card and the lost Baines another part of their supply line but they had more of the ball and more of the chances. Glad to see some grit to get a point in the end but had we been better in midfield we would have walked that game. Retain the ball and with Suarez and Sturridge life will be a peach!

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      • I agree with pretty much all of that except the extent of the language (I don't think you could fairly describe Gerrard as 'hopeless') :-).

        We have struggled with two things consistently this season - high balls into the box (last season as well) and in midfield when pressed. It's difficult to be too critical of the management team but I don't understand how we have remained so bad with at least the former of those two - surely we now have the personnel and so it can only be down to coaching.

        I'm still hoping that Lucas can get back to where he was before his injury but it's taking a long while. SG & Lucas together in centre mid isn't working against teams who press. Surely an area to invest in come the winter. In the meantime, I'd prefer to see a Henderson & Lucas in those types of games with SG playing either at the point of the triangle or wide right of a three behind one up top.

        That said it was a fantastic game of footy. For me 3-3 was a fair result - Everton shaded the game and showed why they haven't lost at home in the league this year, but they should have been 2-1 and a man down.

        The next three games now take on a huge significance. All winnable although it seldom works out that way. 7 points out of 9 should keep us in contention for the top four going into a tough Christmas period.