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  • Jason Jason Nov 25, 2013 18:11 Flag

    How We Need to Play.. (imo)

    As all of us probably (maybe vehemently) agree.. this could be the most crucial and defining period of our entire season (to be followed by the next most crucial) going into the holidays and a tough/congested fixture list around Xmas and the new year.

    So far this season, we've shown that we have improved upon so many areas from last year, and more importantly 2+ years, but we still need a lot of improvement, and it's good that BR has and continues to acknowledge that. I don't want to get into the Jan window talk here, or much, but if he happens to add his 2 players that have a similar affect as Sturridge and Coutinho, we could score 500 goals this year. The problem however, is we may concede 475, which bothers me because Mignolet is playing about as good as any keeper in the world, and we've got nearly 50M+ of top class International CB's who can even enter to top 5-10 conversation on their day.. we are just making silly mistakes back there..

    Going fwd, assuming Daniel is fully fit to go, we need to play it exactly as we did vs. Everton and Fulham, with a front three of Coutinho - Sturridge - Suarez, mid of Gerrard-Henderson and Allen (debate point) and Skrtel and whomever at LCB, and whatever LB is available, even if it's Macca, though Jonno was actually very solid.

    No time to be tinkering back with a 3 CB system, done with that. A battle between Sakho and Agger, and if needed, though I don't think so, Skrtel and Toure. When it comes to aerial duels and attacking the ball, it's Skrtel and Sakho, and if you actually take notice, Skrtel walks the ball out of the back quite often and comfortably, plus he's always a goal threat on set plays..

    Now the question is, can we accept that maybe Lucas needs a "rest". I think Allen needs to play so we can see if his first 60" in the Derby and his Wales exploits were an aberration or he is what we need. I think Jordan is non replaceable because he can play 3-4 positions w/ ease and run for days.

    Thoughts Lucas/Agger?

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    • Agree with 2 cb's and the battle for the starting berths between those you've talked about. I am unconvinced that we have a replacement for Lucas at the moment (we probably need to sort that soon). I don't think Allen can play that role.

      Also, not sure that we can solve our midfield problem against the bigger sides whilst playing two up front. My pref for the big games where we are going to be pressed would be:-

      PC SG LS
      JH LL

      and the defence as you talked about.

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      • For me the decision is easy in some respects

        You play your best 11 available 11 week in week out. No reason not to as the game load isn't excessive.

        Forward line of Sturridge and Suarez with Coutinhio in the hole.

        Back for of Glenda, Skrtel, Agger and bets available left back. Toure should and will give Agger a run for his money. Sakho and Cissokho need to catch up.

        Big question for me is the best balance in midfield. Gerrard plays as he's our best. Henderson next and then for it's a toss up between Lucas and Allen. But as you know this is the area that bugs me the most. Do they play as a three across the pitch or two and one or two and two with Gerrard and Coutinhio pushing on a bit.

        It's tough and we look weak on the left.