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  • Paddy Paddy Nov 29, 2013 09:22 Flag

    Adam Morgan

    I see that Adam Morgan is on his way to Yeovil. I like this lad and was disappointed he didn't get more opportunities at first team level. I hope he scores loads of goals and ends up in the top flight at some stage in the future.

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    • I take it from reading your post, it's a permanent move and not a loan?

      While LFC were here in the states last summer, I had the opportunity to see him/them train for over a week, along with the 2 matches in Boston and Baltimore, and I was very unimpressed by him, of the youth players I saw.. Adorjan, who's on loan at FC Gronignen, looked the best of them all.

      I think this speaks to all the changes going on at our academy. From some things I've been reading, seems we've been led to believe they're better than they really are. I guess it does make sense, since the very best over the past 3-4 years are Suso (on loan) Kelly (hurt, strangely out of the picture) Wisdom, Flannagan and Robinson, also on loan. Coady and Joao Texeira, who was purchased, seem/look the real deal, but aside from Suso, and Wisdom when CB places come available, that doesn't really excite too much..

      Compared to Arsenal, Spurs (Townsend, Naughton, Caulker, Walker, Kane) and United, (don't think Chelsea or City know what an academy is), we're not neck and neck, despite the lavish praise of next best to Barca.. Or maybe we're just hiding gems, but even Sterling / Ibe / Kelly can't get a minute, even when needed!