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  • Loki Loki Dec 1, 2013 20:12 Flag

    The players mentality is unacceptable

    To be beaten by Hull is totally out of order. Even bloody crystal palace beat them last week. If we don't get top 4 this year we are screwed for a long time in terms of money, attracting players etc. We have the month from Hell coming up, and we've already lost 3 games, 2 to opposition we should be destroying on a bad day. Not good enough!

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    • I'm absolutely disgusted after today. I honestly can't even say 1 single player had a good game, aside from Gerrard's free kick goal, and Jordan running for days.

      Our fullback play/overlapping width, was absolutely non existent, shameful considering how good Glenda can be on her day. Passing by every single player, was despicable, turnover after turnover, and we probably show the worst "team defending" in the prem after our opening three 1-0 wins.. If it weren't for Skrtel making some last ditch / sliding deflections, me may have been crushed worse, and he had a #$%$ day / luck.

      Suarez was so isolated, as Sterling and Moses were really held at bay, and Jordan should be playing deeper. Luis Alberto really needs to just get a start if Coutinho isn't fit, which he wasn't (pain injections to make bench), and on the road if you want to retain possession, pass and control, I can't see why he didn't give Allen another run out, with Jordan/Moses wide..

      Lucas is becoming diabolical to me anymore.. Fouls, mistimed challenges, doesn't win aerials, no vision, and no pace once he's turned. If Aly Cissokho is so poor as an LB, then we may as well play Glen there, and have Flannagan or Kelly (is he alive?) play at right back. At least Glen can do a job, while we wait for January. Ultimately, we're still, with a deeper team, over reliant on Suarez/Coutinho and Gerrard.

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      • i didn't see the game as I was completely off grid but it sounds awful. We still haven't been able to shake the dead wood out of the squad. There were / are too many that shouldn't be there and managed to hang on for whatever reason. It's not good.

        Moses dear me. Chelsea don't off load players for no reason.
        Lucas the same in my book. He's not suited to the PL. That's being polite