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  • Jason Jason Dec 4, 2013 22:00 Flag

    He Listened to Me ( Us, no I in team)

    So, Rodgers has been reading our messages Colyn, Paddy, and Loki.. shame the others are missing or in hibernation, as this is really quite an achievement!

    I think we all vehemently agreed as I've been harping that it's time for Lucas to go, and Allen to get minutes to do something, and keep Jordan in the midfield, while playing with 2 wide players.

    Yes it was Norwich, yes Suarez loves them and so do our players, but our midfield was much more tidy for the most part, you got a lot more possession / less giveaways, with Jordan and Allen grinding in there, and while Agger is a walking mistake, he's a better partner to our unquestioned best defender, Skrtel..

    May have been a nice header, but once again, a set piece, and Agger losing his marker via falling down or a shirt pull or whatever. Would be nice to just keep a clean sheet one of these days.. I find it hard to believe that Mertesacker and Koscielny are more talented or stronger than Agger, but he just proves me wrong, and those who are enamored by him over the machine #37..

    Anyways +4 goals made up, and still in the top 4, with some big collisions for others coming, and maybe we're finding a top gear, with Alberto having gotten minutes, and Allen settling! YNWA

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    • the thing that impressed me most (apart from Suarez) was our possession stats. That's what I want to see week in week out. Sadly we don't but I wonder if Rodgers like you Jason has seen enough of Lucas to be a bit worried?

      Agreed on the Norwich goal. Poor defending full stop. Agger was guilty of being on his heels and the guy got that little half yard in front of him. It's a bad habit he has. Great on the ball but gets stuck on his heels and becomes a bit slow to react.

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      • I sure hope so Colyn.. The commentary I had, one of, if not my very favorite, Gary Weaver, said something to the affect of Lucas perhaps getting a blow for the day with a congested fixture list, and maybe (sadly for us) that could have been the reason. But even every now and again, a blind man can see a light...

        If we can see it, the fans at the matches can see it, the players can see it, and all the coaches in training. And, it's quite simple, Rodgers said we were poor, our possession wasn't what he wants/wanted, too many give aways, and too slow in build up. So, the formula is, put in your 2 or 3 (in our case/system) best/quickest midfielders, who are best on the ball.

        Allen, while not Bastian Schweinsteiger or Yaya Toure, was quietly impressive, won challenges, and moved the ball, even if they were sideways 10 yards, the ball was moving, in turn that allows Gerrard or Henderson to look to distribute or burst, and allow the rest of the build up play. Even moreso, we didn't give away so many needless fouls, and Lucas by facts / cards is our worst serial offender. I'd rather Stevie give a foul for crushing someone in a tackle, than a shirt tug by Lucas for getting turned.

        My fear, though it could go either way, is that West Ham are a bigger, physical team, and Diame is super impressive for his size, so Lucas may well get back in. As for Agger, I'm tired of chop and change back there, but maybe Sakho gets the nod here, w/ Skrtel, so they can deal w/ Cole up top