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  • I feared this might come at some point but not as it has.

    Sturridge out for another 6 weeks at least
    Gerrard also out for 6 weeks with a hamstring problem.

    A tough run of fixtures coming up too. Lots of games against the so called title / top 4 contenders and in a short space of time.

    We are really short of quality in midfield and our centre forward. Lucas who has been awful in my opinion needs to really step up as does Allen and Henderson. We need more from the front line too. Suarez needs the ball in the form he's in and we do not want him to become an isolated figure.

    I hope Rodgers has his fingers ready on the old credit card button as we really need some reinforcements with or without the injuries but some real quality in midfield would be a huge and much needed lift

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    • Time to separate the men from the boys, and let's see some of the players who've done a lot of talking (or shall I say complaining) step up, now that their chances will come. I'd expect to see Alberto, who I've been screaming for, and slowly been adding in minutes of late, getting a real run, and I think we could see something special with him/Coutinho/Suarez.. Aspas, will now get a chance again being fit, and having been yapping, before he finds himself on loan to Valencia.

      As for midfield, statistics, and last week (most of the season, this and last), show when Jordan plays a central figure, he becomes an engine, a master of nothing, but outstanding at many things. Lucas having been dropped (FINALLY) the last 2 matches, has seen our best midfield performances of the season, Allen was a bulldog, and a passing machine in his stead. Lucas will come back in, but have 1 very simple role, and who knows, maybe he doesn't, and Jordan/Allen sit at the back of the triangle, and Alberto heads it up, with Coutinho and Sterling wide.

      Kelly, looked fit and hungry, and I wouldn't be stunned to see him start at RB with Glenda shifting left, because while Flanny has been solid, he offers very little going forward, and Cissokho, is obviously just collecting a paycheck. S A S - Skrtel and Sakho, were very physical and commanding vs WHU, and while Spuds on paper or per paycheck, look fast and pretty, have shown nothing but dour, daft footy, BUT have a very physical side, and it's screaming Vertoghen, Paulino, Dawson etc., nicking something from Corners, which is why I'd leave S A S together in favor of Agger.

      BUT, regardless of Gerrard, we have everything else with Coutinho / Suarez /Sterling's form, to push AVB's defensive mind to the limit. He will start 3 CDM's, so we could very well, outskill them, which isn't something I've thought in years for this fixture.. At least, it's how I think BR and AVB are planning, respectively..


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      • Hi Jason
        I'd be almost ready to take a risk and play a midfield trio of Allen, Henderson and Alberto you know. That way you keep a nice balance of a disruptor who can pass, the work horse and the creative one. Lucas for me doesn't do any of those roles at the moment and I don't like the idea of playing him and Allen together. We'll be too deep, offer no penetration or ability to keep the ball.

        Coutinho, Suarez and a choice of Aspas or Moses I guess. Again I may stump for Aspas as I don't have much faith in Moses but that depends on how Aspas has gone in training. At least he can control a football though.

        Good to hear Kelly may becoming back into the fold.