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  • Apart from being my favourite cup size! - we are linked again with Diame and Damiao in January. I would be very happy to add some mobile muscle into the middle, and the Brazilian speaks for himself. Please let it be true, I just hope the Americans realise the time is now to invest in some quality to guarantee that top 4 slot that we all covet so much. Although I dont believe it will happen, this year will be the best chance we have had for some time in winning the league as well!

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    • Hey Loki, From anything I have seen, amongst the 800 players we're linked with, Diame, is mentioned as a "loan", which makes no sense. You could argue he's West Ham's best player.. A January purchase would be AWESOME, and who knows, but I keep seeing loan, and that can't really add up.

      I think up until he eventually ends up on Spurs or Italy, we'll keep hearing of Damaio unfortunately. From what was suggested this past summer, we had our chance on a plate, the price was right, and they were sellers, but we didn't move.

      The names I love, and keep seeing, both loan/purchase, in January are both Montoya, and my personal favorite Tello, who admitted to turning us down in the summer, but has recently said he's looking to leave. I fully agree that we need firepower up top, but I think it has to be an adaptable type, who will also start even when Sturridge is fit, so a Tello, or Jeremy Menez, who play as wide attacking strikers. Any other name along those lines, then another midfield presence. Jorginho has been super impressive now up in Serie A..

      I wouldn't rule out Cabaye, Pastore, Cisse, and perhaps a Benteke situation developing..