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  • Jason Jason Dec 15, 2013 18:29 Flag


    I was absolutely terrified of this game, the last time we won there, Torres scored the winner and I decided to wear my long sleeve Torres that was collecting dust, and I stood, motionless, for one of the most brilliant, breathtaking and amazing performances I can ever remember!!

    I'm over the moon and back again, like a kid on Christmas day, I just can't seeeeem to get ennnnough!!!!!

    I'm curious as to where Mel (Rodgers is a mid table manager), Colin (Coutinho is a lightweight, Sturridge a flake, Allen a waste of money, Adam the business, Andy the best CF in England) are.. Where are you guys? Are you enjoying our tipi tappa, boring, sideways passing football?

    5-00000 in our house of horrors, and a super, massive well well well done to Allen, Jordan, Flanny, Sterling, Coutinho, Sakho and all our #$%$ youth/buys and of course you know who.. Skrtel haha!

    Let's carry on this form, dust off Cardiff, and keep Rockin and Rolling!!!!!!!!!!! Done with my rant, and actually going to use the bathroom finally..

    Long way to go, but so proud to be an LFC fan today, more than ever!

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    • Too right Jason. Get in there.

      Best display for ages. Loving the shape of our midfield and Flanners, even goal aside, was great.

      Cardiff next week becomes so important now. 3 pts at home and again against Hull and we will enter 2014 there or thereabouts for a top four finish.


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      • Fantastic result. I'd have never expected it.

        You called it right Jason with the midfield and Sterling. It worked too.

        Same performance against Cardiff please.

        By the way Arsenal play Chelsea next weekend. We play in the early kick off and if we win we go top. We may be top over Christmas. I'd have never thought that we'd be anywhere near achieving that.

        Also glad to hear that Flanagan is taking some plaudits. He's taking his opportunity and that's what you want and need. People fighting to play and a good team spirit.