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  • Loki Loki Dec 21, 2013 18:54 Flag

    Does the team look better without Stevie and Studge?

    This maybe as stupid a statement as you could get, but is it me or does the team look quicker and more balanced now? We have not really missed Stevies set piece deliveries/ cross-field passing and we certainly haven't missed Studge's goals. I think they both will have a bit of trouble getting back into the team (hopefully) in the same way Agger has.

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    • For me, I've always been love hate with Sturridge, both in Red and even an outsider with Chelsea. If he could embrace playing the wide right attacking role, and not be so selfish, with the work rate and creativity of our 19 year old wizard, our front 3 could be even more explosive.

      As for Gerrard, our overall shape and team movement has been so much faster, and that's because Allen is in, showing exactly what he's all about and can do, but I still think Gerrard could/should replace Lucas.. The guy offers nothing.

      To slightly disagree, our corners have been a bit woeful since he's been out, and he was tied with Ozil for assists in the league, so it's hard to see him not coming in, BUT he's gonna have to wait another 6 weeks at least, and I wouldn't anticipate Sturridge jumping back in for even longer.. This 4-3-3 is balling !!

      I'd be more interested to see who we could / might bring in, that can possibly walk into the side in a wide area, and possibly deep mid. IE (For me) Tello and Diame.. That might push Lucas and Sterling out

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      • Tough question Loki

        What I will say is that Stevie's absence has brought the best out of Henderson. I thought he was our MoM on Saturday. Allen played well and Lucas went missing when Cardiff had their best spell in the second half. That's where the midfield problem is.

        I think Sturridge should play, His substitute performance against Everton proved his value up front. He's a handful and he scores goals. I just don't think that should be sitting on the bench.

        BUT you're right and I'me very happy with the way the team is playing without these two in the side. That's just as important. 2 massive games coming up. Get something out of those and we're in a very good place indeed.

        Off topic but did you know that under Rodgers we're averaging over 2 goals a game. No other Liverpool manager has that average apart from one. Can you name him?