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  • Jason Jason Dec 21, 2013 20:36 Flag

    Our "TEAM" Defending..

    At times, is nothing short of woeful, particularly on set pieces, shown time after time, match after match. Our Spuds demolition could have easily been something different at 1-1 had Chadli been a better header of the ball, and today's NON marking of Mutch, was the stuff relegation dreams are made of. City, will play for free kicks through Silva/Nasri/Navas, even if they get iffy, and they'll slaughter us..

    I watched the replay over and over, and I can't even see anyone in the picture trailing him for the header, and it looked like a training ground exercise, or something you'd see in an NBA game, for those who may watch basketball and see pick plays.. He just ran around the mess free, and bang.

    Aside from Skrtel, who wasn't his most eloquent today, actually a little over aggressive, but always reliable and last man standing, now Sakho, and Jordan, I never see our players laying out full stop to put in a deflection or block, whereas, we regularly take 30+ shots a game, and no matter who we play, they deflect/block maybe half of them. The individuals I would single out, and getting most annoyed with are Glenda, who is just miserable as a defender right now, and Lucas, who's too slow and doesn't have good positional sense. No matter what the debate is on Gerrard, he's always back in the mess, heading or clearing balls away, and with Allen a regular, Sterling/Coutinho the choices, we're a bit shorter.

    Going to City, and I'm hoping this was BR's train of thought when removing Flanny, who was superb again, we'll see Kelly at RB, and Glenda shifted to left for that one. We lose nothing down the left, actually gain more, and Kelly offers height, physicality and good positional sense. If he's fit, that's our one change IMO, unless BR does some 3 CB nonsense, or something really out there like Agger in at CDM.

    We have to stop conceding these fouls, and avoid them, and when we do, we have to FOCUS. It's purely mental. If we mark, Migs will produce in the sticks!

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    • I agree with all that. If we didn't give away stupid free-kicks in dangerous areas the set piece thing wouldn't crop up. One major bugbear I have is Hendersons shooting. He always seems to hit them into the ground! Don't get me wrong i think he's playing well but.....

      If we follow last seasons form after Christmas this season we migh actually be in the mix come may time. One thing is for sure, we will never have a better chance than this season.

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      • Many good words Jason. I agree on Glenda. I was surprised Rodgers took Flannagan off . I would have pulled Johnson off and put Kelly there rather than swap Johnson over. As soon as he made that change our left hand side went flat (and right side for that matter) and that brought Cardiff back into the game (also partly due to the Cardiff changes). Flannagan was excellent I thought. He does need help when defending though.

        Lucas again disappeared when Cardiff started to press and that drives me nuts. He's the one player you really want to stand out when that happens but Henderson and Allen were far more visible at that time.

        You're right our set piece defending is woeful and there's no logical reason for it apart from Skrtel I see no one really attack the ball. That needs to change. Sakho actually looks pretty decent to be fair. Very strong, no messing type. He deserves his place ahead of Agger.