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  • Jason Jason Dec 27, 2013 19:50 Flag

    Etihad - Well Done & My Biggest Issue

    First off... City 6 Arsenal 3, City 4 United 1, City 6 Spuds 0, City 3 Everton 1, City 4 Newcastle 0, (just recently, City 4 BAYERN 2), City 2 Liverpool 1... I hate losing, especially feeling hard done like that, but I hold my head high knowing we went there for 3, and played like we deserved 3..

    The average age of our lineup yesterday vs Champions elect, was 24 years old per player vs. City's average of like 24M per player, and we slugged it out like a 12 round title fight.

    So, my problem wasn't the result (bad decisions aside), effort, Mignolets' error, or Kompany beating Skrtel for a goal, despite shirt tugging. My problem wasn't even with Lucas, who I've been all over lately, because he played fairly well.. WHERE THE HELL IS GLENDA JOHNSON?? Our 17M right back, and England #1 (no more due to Walker) wasn't at the stadium yesterday, and seems to appear less & less each week.

    The highlight of his day, was a terrible yellow, for clipping the heels of a City player on what was sure to be an odd man rush, with him too lazy and careless to have tracked back. He put in 1 dangerous cross all day.

    If it were up to me, Kelly or Flannagan at 60% would take his spot, and Cissokho retain left... He's a passenger on the bus.. Any other player noted above, who made a mistake, more than made up and carried their weight..

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    • I think he was told not to go beyond the halfway line until we went behind. My thoughts are that there is no way on Earth we are going to offer deals to either Moses or Cissokho. They are totally #$%$

      There is a wider issue though. At the end of the day we have not got a positive result at a contenders place - it doesn't matter how we played, we still lost. Until we can start to consistently get results at four or five grounds - and beat them at our place, we will be also rans.

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      • I'm pretty sure that couldn't have been the case because Cissokho was hanging out in the final 3rd all day long, and there were countless times where City split us apart on the counter, only to be saved by last ditch defending by Skrtel or whomever else, everyone but Glen. Even if he was told that, he didn't defend either, and he turned the ball over like it was his job. For a guy as truly talented as he is, he is serving as a complete utter waste of space right now, especially when you see how Flannagan has done as a left back, or even Jordan Henderson as make shift RB earlier..

        I get what you're saying about the away wins, but, that's been an issue for us for nearly 5 years now, and ironically, Chelsea seems to be the only ground we've won at. However, I really do have to say, that everyone was fearful of horrible result at Spurs 3 weeks ago, and we absolutely ran them ragged off the pitch, and could have done 8-0..

        After tomorrow, we will have played 7 out of the top 8 teams, away from home, and all of the top teams, including us, are doing 2 things consistently more than any year in recent memory.. Winning home games, and sweeping away the lower side of the table without mercy. We, Everton and Arsenal all have 1 loss at home, City and Chelsea have 0, then Spurs/Utd/Newcastle have dropped more. Of the top 5, that's 3 home losses from 40 home fixtures.. We will now face 7/8 at our joint in the new year... Someone's going to be on the wrong end of a right beating at Anfield..

        There's no end gain in losing admirably, but we put City on the edge for 90", absolutely wrecked Spurs, and I expect a similar effort / performance at the Bridge. Back to the topic, if Glenda doesn't start putting in 1/4 the effort of 19 y/o Sterling, I hope we bring in Montoya and get shot of him..