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  • Loki Loki Dec 29, 2013 22:31 Flag

    Now we know where we are

    It was said we will have a better idea of our title credentials after this week. Well now we know!

    1) The squad is short on quality behind the first 11
    2) Because no one is pushing Johnson, he's turned into Pepe Reina!
    3) we are desperate for a beast who can control the middle

    We have to address this next week - 3 players of suitable quality must be out there. Twice in a week we've let a winning position slip.

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    • I think it shows, much like some of the things you said, that we are also, as good as the very best based on style, substance and hard work, only short of quality in depth. We are absolutely a top 4 team, and I'm comfortable saying, if the squad grows with quality, every bit as good as 2,3,4 and pushing whoever is top.

      We need 2 fullbacks, or 1 at the very least, because we seem to have a bunch who can't play either side, so let's hope all that noise over Montoya from Barca is leading to a January move. Next, imo, more than anything, 2 attacking forces, 1 wide and one through the middle. The noise is getting louder and louder, that we may well be signing Salah of FC Basel for a modest fee, and who seems to be a massive upgrade to anyone we've got, with experiences at the highest levels, and also Ivan Rakitic of Sevilla, who would be similar to Mkhitarayan that Rodgers desired.

      I noticed another problem today, Coutinho tries to do too much and more, and sometimes gets nothing done. I could see it today more than ever because he was up against his mates, Oscar, Luiz, Willian, and is desparate to get in the Brazil squad, but he just tries to leave too much to do. He catches the ire of Suarez and Sterling more and more each week, with wayward shots, or over dribbling.

      I think the addition of Salah or Rakitic, or both, would give us what we want in the middle by default, in Jordan. He's been ever impressive roaming forward, but at the same time, is perfectly capable of being a big, athletic, driving force in a deeper spot. We're all admirers of Diame, and he often lines up behind the striker for WHU, and while he's better (older too), I see similarities and more in Jordan. That said, I'd have Diame too. If we could add Montoya, Salah (or Tello), Rakitic, Diame, I'd be delighted.

      Word, or rumor has it over here in some readings, that Rodgers could have a handsome amount, for the "right" players, noted above, along with Menez/Jorginho/Pastore/Cabeye etc etc..

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      • Hi Jason / Loki

        I don't think there's anything new there. We all know the squad is thin and has been for many years. Even under Benitez it was thin in quality but bloated with overpaid non contributors. I was seriously hoping for 2-3 points out of these two games as I think we have that potential. It obviously wasn't to be and we need to work incredibly hard to rebuild confidence and momentum. It is good that many of the so called bigger sides still need to come to Anfield. That may yet prove crucial in the run in.

        I agree on Johnson. He's just not at the races at the moment and in my opinion along with Lucas he's a waste of money and effort. Flannagan to his credit has shown what we've been missing as far as full backs are concerned. I've not forgotten Enrique either.

        We seriously need the middle of the park sorting. That would put us in good stead in games like the last two. We would dominate possession better and give Coutinho that out ball we seriously need. That would also give the little boost to close out tight games. Such a small thing can make a huge difference in there and Lucas isn't it by several country miles.

        As far as targets are concerned today I've seen Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu from Udinese banded about. Not a player I know a lot about to be honest.