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    January Transfers

    Figured I'd might as well start it's own thread, especially so I can converse with myself at this hour, and also correct myself, after my last comments in the previous post.

    In regards to Tello, I'm going to play antagonist to my own favorite target, despite reading alot suggesting possible good news. In quotes from Spain: "Despite interest from Liverpool and Valencia, Barcelona don't want to let Tello leave on loan. He'll complete the season at Barcelona."

    Tello is on the bench tonight for Barcelona friendly match in Indonesia, China or something. Also, of more negative news, per a Barcelona source, because of recent rises in playing time, Martin Montoya (rb/lb) has asked to re-open contract extension talks. (Alba & Alves now healthy, so maybe a loan exists)

    Those come from a respected Barcelona / Spanish source, so, for now, I'm just rolling with the Mohammed Salah story only, waiting to see that done, hoping we can pull off Tello, which seems to he his decision.

    Watch this space, and the tabloids (blah) .. tick tock tick tock..

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    • Just heard that Arsenal are targeting Tello. Oh the frustration.

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      • Won't happen, he just scored a hattrick midweek for Barcelona in their cup match, and 2 assists yesterday. They'll give him just enough PT to satisfy him until the summer, then the dogs will fight it out..

        Seems it's Konoplyanka or bust.. media says 5.5 year deal agreed, Rodgers said nothing. Even he and his father have said it's done.. Ayre missing in action riding his motorcycle somewhere in Kiev..

    • Hello all

      I hear the Salah rumour is gaining more momentum. Welcome addition but I'd rather see a real marquee signing in the middle of the park.

      I'd also like to see us signing a boot. A big boot of at least size 15. So one or two players can be booted where the sun don't shine. Johnson perhaps................................................

    • As the merry wheel goes round and round, it seems like I'm officially, and embarrasingly, a big fat, 0-2.. Supposedly we're very, very interested in Salah, and his fee is suggested around 7M, but for some logical (no sarcasm intended), it seems we may wait until the summer. Makes sense, with him having scored in both victories over Chelsea in the UCL this campaign, and many clubs interested. Maybe we can pay 17M, when his contract is only down to 2 years in August.. Scratching my head..

      As for Tello, Spain says he's coming, everyone else, going nowhere.. For me, he is the IDEAL signing, especially on a loan. He's so talented, and experienced at 22.

      I should realize by now, not only being a Liverpool fan, I just don't have the patience for this rubbish. Granted Rodgers said with a straight face last year the same thing, nothing is imminent, and Coutinho/Sturridge came right in, but I really wish, we could just be a little more encouraging and active. Too slow..

      It's about the best and right players, BUT, we do need players, and I look forward to the window, where I don't feel such a strong need to say that. Surely, the slower we act, the faster Suarez will be looking to July!

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      • Here we go again. Losing the track of this thread.

        Anyway, some new names in the hat.

        Dele Alli from MK Dons
        Ivan Rakitic

        The Kalou rumour isn't going away either.

        Not convinced and nervous by the names being touted about at the moment. Tello and Salah seem to be moving back to Summer deals. Please don't screw up this opportunity for a top 4 finish by buying poorly now!

      • I'm hearing the same things Jason.

        being a long term Liverpool fan I really enjoy the fact that the press are guessing what we're up to in the transfer market and the club management as a whole. That's the way we used to do it until the Spice Boys came along and the Benitez waged his own press room for his own self gratification and waging war on the two Texans.

        However we are very quiet to day, even by our standards. Too much United speculation at the moment. Which I don't mind either!

        Tello would be a great signing no doubt. On the flip side I saw an article yesterday on players that should leave. The three names mentioned were Johnson, Agger and Aspas. I actually agree pretty much with my only concern would be squad depth. Johnson hasn't been great, Agger seems to switch off every now and then and Aspas has contributed zilch. Moses too in my book and over the longer term Lucas can go as well.