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  • Jason Jason Jan 3, 2014 19:01 Flag

    Oldham Lineup & Match Quandry

    So, we've managed to get through our festive period, in so/so shape.. I say so/so, not so much for results, but because unfortunately, but predictably, we've suffered injuries, and bad ones. For me (imo) Allen has been absolutely fantastic, and allowed Henderson to really develop, and giving Lucas much needed support. Sakho hurts because he was forging a commanding partnership (though shaky on the ball) with Skrtel, though Agger is more than capable of doing the job, if he keeps focused. Then of course, Glenda hurt herself shooting the ball and stubbing toes into the turf.. only her!

    Anyways, so the quandry is really over the Romance of the Cup, who BR has available, who starts, and how to prepare for this, while making sure we're close to 100% for Stoke, which is much more important. The poisoned chalice of course, if we win and someone gets hurt, Rodgers is to blame, if we lose, we lose at Anfield, we're out of the cup, Rodgers doesn't take seriously, and we lose to Oldham two years in a row.

    My lineup, and I guess it will give my thoughts in it, goes like this:

    Mignolet (no rest needed, Hull barely worked him)
    Kelly, Skrtel, Toure, Cissokho (Kelly needs to, Cissokho can use time/be risked, Toure/Skrtel just fine)
    Lucas / Henderson (This part is brutal, I want to leave both out, or 1, but can't seem to do it)
    Aspas-Suarez-Moses (Don't think much to change here, obv just pray w/ Suarez)

    If it's something like that, we know Suarez wants to play, get him off early as possible, get on Gerrard for Jordan, and toss in whoever, to get Lucas off.

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    • My view on this would have been to play a really strong side, get ahead and haul players off when the job was done. Rodgers took the other view and gave a run out to other squad players and for 45 minutes it didn't work. It shows that we need some squad depth and there's too many players that aren't up to scratch in my book.

      Anyway job done so back to the league now.

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      • It was semi strong.. He surprised me by starting Agger, and that proved to be a mistake, since the Dane (yet again) limped off injured and we played with 10 men for the last 15".. Nobody was able to watch it anywhere, but from what I was able to read, Alberto was really good, and our best player in the first half, but he was subbed off for tactical..

        I guess the positives are, Aspas finally got a goal, Alberto got a start, Kelly played a full 90" and was good, Jordan/Stevie/Lucas made it through uninjured, and Kolo marshalled well in Skrtel's stead, keeping another clean sheet. And, Sterling continued his brilliant form..

        Let's hope we get a few bodies back for Stoke, because we won't want to go there this thin and frail. Agger missing for that one, could be a blessing because Skrtel and Kolo might be better suited, and maybe Kelly can push Glenda over to LB.. Roll ON !!