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  • Against a fast, counter attacking team does our manager go 4-4-2 with an ageing Gerrard in the middle? Why does he wait for the first goal to go in to decide to change it?

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    • Oh ps. What does Lucas add to this side? I think we're seeing the answer

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      • As soon as I saw our team sheet and figured out how it would set up, be it 4-4-2 or even 4-4-1-1, with Suarez slightly withdrawn, I knew we'd be in trouble because I remembered exactly how Villa took us last year at Anfield, and did the exact same thing masterfully. This was the worst performance at home, since Southampton, where I sat in agony for 90 mins, only there, we had 0 fullbacks.

        4-4-2 is for teams in the bottom half, content to lump it up, OR have insanely good wingers and central midfield, see City - Yaya/Fernandinho, Navas/Silva.

        To be fair to Lucas, for the 20" he lasted, and the change it represented, we saw the value of playing to our strength of 3 players in the midfield, and he's not even that good, so that speaks volumes. Fortunately Allen looked healthy, so now if Lucas is really injured, we have Allen, who I think is vital.

        Coutinho isn't a winger, and he can't race down the side, so he's always cutting in, and Cissokho, for all his efforts, just isn't good, and only 1 leg, so no width there, and Glenda just gets continually worse.

        If Skrtel hadn't played today, I'd have thought we played a 0 man backline, because Toure wasn't at the races, Glenda/Cissokho are terrible, and I counted 6 clear chances, where Villa could have humiliated / torn us apart, with Skrtel making the last ditch slide tackle or clearance. The fact in other forumns I see, people suggest dropping him, or playing two lefties, is baffling.

        Henry was sat right there, and looked to be about as agonized as I felt in Sept., or on my couch today, and hopefully that sparks whatever they're doing/looking at, as far as midfield, to get done. We lost out on Jorginho to Napoli for 9M, which was a joke, M'vila is out there and would join.. Doing nothing, or waiting for the "right player", will cost BR / FSG far more in the long run by missing Champions League & losing Suarez, than spending now. Great players cost $$ Chelsea of all teams added ANOTHER good CDM, in Matic for 22M!!