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  • Jason Jason Jan 26, 2014 17:19 Flag

    Our First (maybe) & Last Signing ?

    I hate to be harsh on the Dunkin Donuts mascot, especially since he was announced weeks ago, and took pictures under the "This is Anfield SIgn", but he's not really settled well, and hasn't yet fit the profile of the player we're looking for.

    After failing to sign a player, who by his own admission, desperately wanted to come to LFC, and offering 10M, only to have Chelsea offer 12M for Basel to accept, Rodgers should really just considering stepping down.. I would. He and his scouts spent the better part of 3 months scouting Mohammed Salah, and yet again, near the deadline, we've failed to get a top target..

    Anyways, I'm not going to cry myself to sleep because now Salah, will understand what wood feels like as he watches Hazard, Willian, Oscar, Schurrle, Ramires all play, as Jose simply used him as a pawn to show another of his "children" who's the boss (AVB / Willian).. The sounds are sounding very strongly that we have, or will agree to Saul Niguez of Atletico Madrid via Rayo Vallecano.

    All I know is that he's a bigger, stronger, more cultured version of Suso, and going 19, considered one of Spain's biggest prospects. He seems like he's a link man from our deep midfield to our forward 1/3. That said, nothing's been made official, and I'm sure whatever Vayo/Atletico are asking for, surely means we'll offer 3-4M less, and Spurs will sign him on Friday.

    Maybe we can get it right, and put in a cheeky offer to re-sign Carlsberg and Crown Paints?

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    • This proves that we're not an attractive club to players any more. How many times have we been gazumped by other clubs?

      I really fear for our top 4 chances because I think squad size is really going to play a massive part in the next 4 months. Spurs have the man power that we don't............if we dont get top four, we are totally fooked for the next few years at least!

    • Hi Jason

      Well that cheered me up - needed a laugh.

      Seriously though, we're missing too many of our top targets for this to not highlight a problem somewhere along the line (either money or in our ability to close deals). Was listening to TAW the other day discussing the same thing. They raised a good point - if we value our number one target, the one that we hope will drive us forward, at £10m and not a penny more ... what does that say about our ambition.

      I've got a horrible feeling that we're asking BR to get 4th with both arms tied behind his back and that the result will be a 7th place finish.

      God would that be depressing.