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  • Jason Jason Jan 27, 2014 17:55 Flag

    How to Line Up vs Everton

    We really don't have too many options with all of the injuries at this point, although they have quite a fare share too, but ironically a bigger/deeper squad than us. Just goes to show how pathetic Ayre is at his job, and how embarrassed I am by FSG, after the endorsements / belief I've given them. Hopefully you won't hold it against me, and know if I was owner, I'd literally put every last dime into the club..


    Damned If I know what to do at the fullback spot, but I'll give it this guess, and make this choice only because Oviedo is out, and I think Coleman is doubtful, causing less trouble on that side.


    Jones, Moses, Alberto, Aspas, Sama, Allen, Kelly

    I'd want this to shape up like a very, very disciplined 4-3-3 with both Gerrard and Henderson shielding the back 4, and choosing spots carefully to roam, with Coutinho dropping to pick the ball up, and run with it, or spray it wide, OR a very tight 4-2-3-1, which based on what I said above is basically the same, only more suited for the counter. I'm not really sure BR trusts Kelly for some reason, and Cissokho isn't very good, so I know Flannagan will be in there somewhere.

    As for the bench, we're without Agger, Sakho, Enrique and Glenda, so Sama, Smith & Rossiter are the only other choices I'm aware of besides Kelly or Cissokho to be on the bench, and while I want to see Ibe in there, Allen doesn't seem fit to start, so he gets on the bench with us having enough offense.

    Ya know, I look at the team, and aside from not being in love with Kolo and our back 4 as a whole, and I think, jeez, that starting front 6, really isn't anything to sneeze at, especially if they click on all cylinders, yet, we all have this sinking feeling. It's hard to explain, but this is huge, and we need 11 hero's tomorrow, and 10/10 from everyone!

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    • Hi Jason my only changes depend solely on the fitness of Allen and Flannagan. If Flanners is fully fit he plays at the expense of Kelly or Cissokho. Allen is the more difficult one but I'd give some thought to Allen and Henderson deeper and Gerrard further forward. Tough call that one but I don't see Coutinho playing that well at the moment and I fear that Barry will dominate him.

      Tough call apart from full back!

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      • Well, that was bang on as far as lineup and performance! I didn't imagine that scoreline in my wildest dreams, and I'd say it was at least equal to, if not better than our performance at Spuds. I might only say better because we didn't have Allen or Lucas here, and Gerrard/Henderson were immense in the defensive midfield, and Kolo really played well next to Skrtel for once.

        Now that we've got ourselves sorted with this existing crop of players, and in this 4-3-3 interchangeable lineup, where you can't even tell who's playing wide or central, we need to take this performance right on the bus to West Brom, grab another 3 points, and coming flying high into Anfield vs Arsenal, who we haven't beaten at home probably since before I was born..

        IF, we can bag 6/6, we've got some favorable fixtures to come afterwards, and can really push on to 3rd spot, especially if you look at Arsenal's murder that is a schedule in Feb..

        And Mr. Konoplyanka seems to be our main, and likely target as of every source on god's green earth, 15M.. Until Chelsea or Spurs offer 16M, and a10k more in wages. He is dynamite as far as pace, dribbling and finishing. Let's see..