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  • Jason Jason Feb 6, 2014 23:12 Flag

    Biggest Match in 5 years?

    Sorry lads, I've been a bit in limbo lately, with some things to tend to, but I see I haven't missed too much, aside from what I presume are follow ups on our supposed Konoplyanka failure.. Oh well.. Over and done with. Sterling is really playing great, Coutinho seems to show up in the big games, Suarez and Sturridge (WBA aside) are thriving in the new/true 4-3-3, popping up everywhere, and we're getting bodies back defensively..

    That said, because of the 2 points dropped at WBA, which obviously could have been dusted with another goal, and avoidance of a terrible error by both Mignolet for the distribution, and Kolo for the pass, this has put IMMENSE pressure on the Arsenal match..

    I guess, it should never be said there's not pressure on this fixture, and especially with our impeccable home record and showings, but, is this truly our biggest game since 2008/2009? I know it won't be the decider, esp since Villa/WBA could have sent us flying, BUT I don't think I was out of diapers the last time we beat the Goons at Anfield, and surprisingly, aside from the back to back at City / Chelski & destruction of Evt., we've not shown a 110% all around vs a team we need to..

    The pics at Melwood suggest the boys were having fun, and a blast, which does speak volumes to me because I really think they believe in themselves and Rodgers, so it gives me great confidence, rather than stone faces and uptight, but will it translate at Anfield? I never make predictions, so not even giving my gut feeling for being superstitious.. Curious on your thoughts, if you're still reading..

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    • I don't know about the biggest match, but that first half an hour was about the best I have seen performance wise - if that Suarez effort had gone in I would have c*me into my pants!

      This is why results like the WBA really get to me because they have the tools and the talent, but they just don't as a team have that consistency of mentality.

      That's why for me, the games against the smaller sides are 'bigger', because it shows whether there is any complacency in the minds of the boys, anyone can get up for games against the big boys.

      To be fair though, that was f*cking awesome attacking play - Arsenal didnt have a clue what to do. Next week is going to be a real b@stard of a game as a result of today!

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      • I hate to minimize the cup match, but I think we'd all agree, league and top 4/3 (which is a true target) are the absolute number 1 priority, and key to getting back to the top of England/Europe, so I'm solely focused, and thinking BR is too, on Fulham midweek and then Swansea. Those have to be 6 points, so if we get anything at Arsenal, then we can discuss the cup, but for me, league all the way.

        Don't want to go to Emirates and get hammered, but, if we need to make changes, to keep fit and healthy for the following weekend vs Swans at home, followed by a fixture I cringe over.. our trip to St. Mary's, then so be it. If we can get 7/9, or god forbid 9/9, I'd forfeit to let Arsenal have that W, so they can get smashed by City, Chelsea etc.. Not to mention, more fixture congestion for them, which could benefit us..

        Anyways, that was a F#c,King AWESOME result at Anfield today, and I can't remember a team ripping apart another top team so quickly like that, in god knows how long. We well and truly could have had 10 goals! So, let's enjoy it and kick on at Fulham now.. no banana peels!