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  • Paddy Paddy Feb 14, 2014 11:43 Flag

    Even Jose is starting to believe

    Starting to throw his fawning media pack a few bones about Liverpool - like SAF before him, he only does this when he feels the club in question are a threat. Happy days I reckon.

    Personally, I'd settle for CL qualification but I reckon we need to keep aiming high - 3rd would be 100 times better than 4th for many reasons.

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    • Definitely a bit of gamesmanship from the Spending One, though he is friends with Rodgers, and he's always had respect and admiration for our club with Rafa out of the picture.

      That said, I think he's trying to put a little pressure on us, while he and Rodgers both try to take it off them each respectively, and that is a sign of respect and a bit of fear, especially knowing they will have to come to Anfield for a result, and his Stoke / West Ham like tactics won't scare us much.

      As for the finish, we could still very well finish 5th, as it seems Spuds are destined to never lose again, and each week it seems their playing a team from the 2nd division, so our home game vs. the lilly whites will be massive. That said, I agree, third should be the target, because avoiding the very, very early season jitters (IF we're there) of the qualifying, is a bit nervy and tricky, especially since Ayre will have his thumb up his #$%$ with 5 players wanting to join our team in time. 3rd would be ideal, but who's to say 2nd isn't impossible..!!

      Roll on til Swansea!! (@Southampton is gonna be a BIT@CH!!)

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      • Its funny how opposing managers rip into us when they see us as a threat - but it works sometimes so youve got to expect it. Dont forget that Mourinho is still bitter about us not offering him the managers job a few years ago because they interviewed him realised he wasnt humble enough......or some other #$%$.

        For me, I think we have to go for first, otherwise what's the point? Mourinho is right, we only need to play once a week. One thing is for sure, we will not have a better opportunity because the others are going to mop up all the best players in the summer - I think our squad can cope, we've just got to stop the f ups at the back. I'm glad Daniel is back, because Toure has played more than even he thought he was going to!