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  • Loki Loki Feb 28, 2014 22:02 Flag

    I hope the Mancs finish 5th!

    All those lovely Thursday trips to Kazakhstan - lovely! Seriously though, look how we have benefited from not being in Europe, if those b@stards aren't, that might give them the shot in the arm they need too

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    • I actually hope they go into terminal decline as a side. As we did we fell out of Europe and then it becomes extremely hard to get back. I hope they suffer the same and that it's at least 10 years before they get near a title again.

      What goes around comes around

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      • I think regardless if they make Europa or not, they're going to have a monumental task ahead of them next year. The performances show that these current players are just so ordinary, and average, that perhaps Fergie was that much of a genius, or knew it was time to jump ship.

        I actually hope that Moyes stays on, more than them missing/making Europa, because they need to ship out about 8-9 players, and bring in that many, and without paying insanely over the odds like they did for Mata, who really doesn't fit, they can't get that many more of his caliber or better. Pair that with the 500M+ debt the Glazers have on the club, without European money coming in, but the expectations of winning the league and 2 cups under Moysie, and it looks beautiful to me..

        I'd expect City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Us, Spuds, Bitters and young Southampton to all get much, much better. Just think, Fergie mocked Jordan and Sturridge in his book, yet Smalling, Jones, Evans and Cleverley all look abysmal, with Rvp, Evra, Rio, Chich, Young, Nani all headed out.. Maybe Scholes and Giggs can catch a 3rd wind?