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  • Jason Jason Mar 5, 2014 15:00 Flag

    Our Last 38 Matches

    Since we've got 10 to go, with a 2 week break in between our next match, and there's no way to predict how the ensuing 10 will go, nor would I for being superstitious/karma reasons, despite our 9 game unbeaten streak, I figured why not look back at the final 10 of last season, to show how far we've come as team and our progress into this term..

    Clearly, we're very much an in form team in the league, Europe, and on the rise, much to the dismay of all of the dearly departed naysayers of Brendan who used to grace the message board, and I hope are still somehow able to read this. Perhaps if we win the league, we'll splash the cash on bringing back Andy Carroll and Charles Adam.

    Last 38 Matches:
    -Wins: 23
    -Draws: 9
    -Losses: 6
    -Points: 79 (74 would be the EPL record to not qualify)
    -Home: 14-4-1
    -Away: 9-5-5
    -Goals Scored: 91
    -Goals Allowed: 45
    - Goal Difference: +46
    -Win Percentage: 61 %

    These are pretty astonishing numbers, and I think United won the league last year with something like 83 points or so? Again, these aren't going to equal how we finish our last 10, but I thought it was a very fair correlation and representation, considering we're 18-5-5, clearly getting better and rising all the time, and continuing to prove everyone wrong, even ourselves. In the same period Man City are: 26-4-8 (82 Points), Chelsea: 25-9-4 (85 points), Arsenal: 26-7-5 (85 points)

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