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  • Come on Boro lads, how sad is this

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    • Pisses me when other fans say where not `proper NE`
      30 miles to sunderland, over 60 to leeds.
      Look at a map Middlesbrough is NE simple as that.
      Sorry you geordies and mackams cant come to terms with it.
      A few miles north and you geordies would be in the scottish league. You can`t say you don`t like playing us or look forward to play us because you hate us and want to beat us.
      Thats why you post on the boro board. - True
      So f*ck off were not from the NE.
      And bring on our next DERBY

    • Hey I think Jabberwabber may fancy you, he does nothing but talk about what I did and didn't say to you. Do you think he is jealous of our relationship?

    • What you mean like you are doing now? I have visited the Newcastle forum what, twice? Who's looking for attention? Now go back to your busy forum and let me natter to myself. Or are you more interested in us than we are in you? I mean, you did come back didn't you!

    • Howay Jabber!

      He (paul 6969) cant help the way he is - I've told you before, just leave the Boro forum alone, he'll sharp get sick of talking to himself and come attention seeking.

      Thats when the ridicule will really kick in.

    • Try that in english paul?

      i was forgetting, you cant, because your a think, white sock wearing, dirty bum smoggy!


    • I can talk sense, unfortunately I generally have to ear sense before I talk it, and so far you have talked a load of bollocks. Yes it is early in the season and Souey has continued where he left off last season, dropping points and spending shitloads of cash.

      Enjoy the season - I hear the fans are staring to lay of souey, yes, that's because.........? FUCK ME...Your just shite and no amount of trying to talk sense will change that.

    • David402106 i'll give you some credit, at least you talk a bit more sense, your perfectly right that its too early in the season to pass general comments. But boro are still the white sock wearing garbage of the midlands, especially paul who moved to manchester, the 'king of all dirty bum smoggys'

    • Everyones made their point, and quite frankly i dont know why there are geordies in here, also known as the MIDDLESBROUGH forum. You've made your point, and some of it is true. Middlesbrough can be a bad place to live, depending on which area of the town its in. You get that in all places.
      Back to the football side, you cant be making judgements in the first few games, because there is hardly any way that the teams are going to stay like this. Some could finish higher than they are now, some could finish lower, and i feel that Boro havnt really got into their pace yet, though the Birmingham game was a great boost.
      You can keep going on about how bad Boro are, and that we've been bad for the first two games, but your just stamping on what youve been saying, by making judgements on Boro at this early stage in the season.
      Hope Boro have a great Campaign, (but of course i do, im a Boro fan)

    • Hey Pal, next season there will not be a derby game as both you and Sunderland will not be in the same league, oh nearly forgot you aint now are u, Ha....Ha......
      You think we are thick eh.
      Your man Graham is doing a great job in my book as I took odds on him with a big bet at 5/1 to be the first manager sacked, looks good you reckon for a big pay day pal.
      Speaking of Payday, do you really think Owen is going to a shit club like yours at any price, you are all been fooled by Freddy and Graham.
      Anyway do not be downhearted old chap, Sunderland have proved many times how easy it is to come back up and then down and back up, get used to it pal, Newcastle are DOON.
      Bye prick.

    • alreet SON!!!

      i have to applaud you for your genuine comments about the the boro and the fact that we teessider's can actually use a PC! may i ask, do you have any formal IT qualifications clever c*nt?? i bet you dont unlike myself who is Microsoft certified.

      another technical question,.....do you use a different spell check in MS office? you know for words such as "gannin" and "doon the toon"? if not i can design one for you at a small cost. I once saw a version of "windaz two thoosand" on sale in a newcastle computer shop.

      Im sorry my profile isnt upto date, obviously the dozy tw@ts at yahoo dont run scripts to udpdate profiles. how sad.

      I think you are right in saying souness will be the first manager sacked this season,....infact i have put £10 on it..............
      a little bit more than your 50p houses eh?!?!

      please dont refer to me as a twonk.........i am not and never have been. do you think i hate responding to your messages trying to insult you?? personally i could not give a flying f*ck who you are, what you are or what YOU think you are. to me you are still a t*sser and i love this continual "debate"! as to who lives in the best area, who has the best football team etc...........

      as for the boos and hisses..............keep going to St.james......im sure you'll hear plenty there!!!

      au revoir my geordie friend.

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