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  • Geordies confused Jocks???? ha ha ha ha Silly C*nt!

    Do you know why a Geordie is called and is known as a Geordie bty601998?

    Its because we backed King George(England) and told Bonnie Prince Charlie (Scotland) to f*ck off many, many moons ago!!! so theres no confusion there, plus Scotlands nowhere near Newcastle, check out www.multimap.com and look, thats providing you can read a map though??!?!

    I cant climb up me own arse, can you like? You must be soooooooooooooo clever, I'm sooooooo jealous! (",)

    As for playing with children??? I gather your being crude there!

    Your getting confused with the Cleveland Child Abuse scandals fella, that was in TEESIDE where the BORO is.

    The place where girls of 13 have a couple of kids well before their time, because the grown men insist on poking them before they are legal, usually their Dads aswell.

    Then the rest of Teeside pays them a £1 to have a shot.

    ..........so is that it??? was that your best shot then bty601998? Do you wear fake branded clothes, have a £2 haircut and wear white socks then? - Like every inbred 'rat faced' skinny & scrawny Teeside tosspot?