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  • alreet!!

    typical??!?!? try getting your facts right SON!!! firstly im not 23, (check out the profile!) obviously they dont teach f@cking maths in newcastle schools anymore, secondly I'm an original geordie who moved to get out of the shithole that is newcastle. What has newcastle got exactly?? terraced houses, a nice bridge (if your into that type of thing!!), the metro?!? hmmm...original that...london or paris or new york have them,....but newcastle?? doesnt quite have the same ring to it does it?!?!, beggars on every corner asking for a bite of your burger??!?!.

    Guisbrough may be full of sheep shaggers and inbreds, but it has countryside, fresh air, ancient ruins and lots of pubs for entertainment.

    How was the first day of the season then?? boro played the european champions and drew, didnt you play the second best side in the league and get hammered 2-0? hmmm...funny that, you slag boro off but we are still above you in the league and still the top team in the north east, who can boast european cup football this season!!!

    hail hail hillbilly john, who saw the light and declared his undying hatred for the geordies,.......up the boro!!!!

    enjoy your relegation battle with sunderland.......howay the maccams!!!

    love ,hugs and lots of inbred feeling go out to you my friend......i pity you.

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    • ha ha ha ha Look!! Its pauls BUMCHUM!!!

      Your profile details state you are 23 years old SON, so you cant blame me for stating the wrong details when its your error that caused them.

      Perhaps if you were intelligent enough to update your profile and provide correct information it might help SON?

      (you like the 'SON' touch? made me laugh when you used it)

      A Geordie 'turncoat'- couldnt take City Life I take it?

      Enjoy your ancient ruins etc, the whole areas a ruin as far as I'm concerned.

      Was that all you could come up with for slagging Newcastle off? 'Terraced Houses, Bridges & the Metro?' Funnily enough I've never encountered a begger asking for a bite of my burger to this day - perhaps you look a soft touch and attract them?

      Possibly why you moved to Guisborough?

      Love the footy argument 'SON' First game of the season and your already prattling on about a relegation battle with Sunderland - pathetic.

      Newcastle fans want a bad start, we want Souness sacked ASAP!!!! I'm expecting the next 4 or 5 matches to be defeats!

      Arsenal deserved the 3 points or so the ref thought when he awarded a dodgy penalty, and the Toon always go to pieces in the last 10 minutes, so it was expected.

      Granted Boro ground out a point at home to Liverpool but had Gerrards finishing been a bit better you'd have lost 4 - 0 easily, perhaps more? Liverpool dominated the game which is terrible considering they were the 'away' team.

      The season is young and fresh and theres gonna be plenty of time to ridicule Boro later, wait and see! (winks)