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  • David David Jul 18, 2005 08:01 Flag


    First time I've noticed the chat room to. Not sure about Champions League qualification but for the first time I believe Boro have a squad capable of big things. It's taken Mclaren a while but he built from the back and now has a cover player for every position who is at least Premiership class. Not many teams outside the top 3 can boast this sort of strength in depth.

    GK Schwarzer - Jones
    RB Reizeger - McMahon - Parnaby
    LB Queudrue - Pogatetz
    CB Southgate - Riggott
    CB Ehiogu - Cooper - Davies
    RM Mendieta - Morrison
    LM Downing
    CM Parlour
    CM Boateng - Doriva
    FW Hasselbaink - Yakubu - Nemeth
    FW Viduka - Christie - Job - Graham

    The vast majority of these players would get into a premier league team of some description and with the addition of one more midfielder (preferably left sided) we will be set for the season even if injuries occur again!

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    • Interesting (well?) stuff reading through most of these 'dumb' messages...

      ....I CANT see why theres all this 'Geordie & Mackam' remarks coming from your lot, your practically North Yorkshire so 'YORKSHIRE' teams are YOUR 'Derby Matches' - try Leeds United or Bradford instead, thats more your neck of the woods.

      ....I mean come off it, Geordies and Mackams dont sound like a mixture of yorkshire pudding people and scousers!

      We're nowhere near or could ever be as scruffy as you lot, have the severe drugs problems (Boro, Stockton, Redcar come straight to mind)boot ugly thick women who sell themselves for under a fiver, areas where the locals think they are nails because they have a skinhead & tattoos(Grove Hill, Grangetown - shows you lot dont get out of town much!) - your not a patch on any of us lot!

      Whats all this shouting of 'EAR!!! EAR!!!'down in Teeside, its something that you always hear you idiots shouting? you lot cant even say 'CAR' properly!!

      Why are you fellas all squeeky voiced? does ICI Wilton beltch out helium aswell as other chemicals that leave you lot deformed, ugly, unemployable, thick as fuck and the countrys breeding ground for chavers?

      And big deal!!!! you finished above Newcastle last season, thats ONCE in HOW LONG???? ha ha ha ha ha was that your seasons 'Highlight' We had a terrible season that was worthy of relegation but we still didnt go down and you certainly didnt take 6 points from us, so shut up bitching about Newcastle United.

      Newcastle are the 'ONLY' Premier North East club, granted Souness is doing a fine job in f*cking our team but its only a temporary problem, we'll soon be back on form!

      Do your crowds match our 52,000 gates? NO

      Do your fans sing any footy songs that have real lyrics other than 'Boro! Boro! and that stupid crap tune you all sing badly? NO

      Are you a City thats growing bigger & better by the day and a place people want to be in? NO (although your clown of a Major you have and that dickhead from that Psyche shop seem to think Boro is so great - BBC3 The Shop)

      Can you go for a drink in Middlesbrough without some scruffy weirdo trying to ponce a drink or some change off you? NO

      Are you true North Easterners who eat, breath and sleep football? NO

      Are 3 out of the 4 kids you've got to your teenage girlfriend actually yours? DEFINTELY NO!!

      the list is endless.......

      Anyhow, lets see if your going to fair aswell this season, I'll piss myself with laughter if you lots cock up and DONT finish above us again this season especially with the squad nightmares we've got at the minute.

      So if you lot are that good lets see Boro finish 4th...cant see that happening somehow.

      Its so plain and obvious YOU LOT ARE JEALOUS of the Geordies that why you slate them so much.

      ......I have more respect for the Mackems - they are our rightful neighbours and our proper Derby matches opposition.

      Theres three good things about Middlesbrough 1) Parmos 2) Chubby Brown 3) The A19 to escape from the shithole!!!

      ...........cant wait for the onslaught of 'we won the Carling Cup'the other season and all the other crap messages in response to this, even if it does take most of you morons over a month to type a sentence.

      Have fun & enjoy!!! (",)

      ............................and remember you southern smoggie idiots that Geordies & Mackems are PROPER NORTH EASTERNERS!