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  • http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/4136342.stm

    Check this out and see whos in at NUMBER 5!!!!

    Thats for the overall country, understand? The ENTIRE f*cking Country!! ha ha ha f*ck me thats terrible, Teesiders should be ashamed. (but they're probably all proud of it since they think they are nails)

    Is Newcastle upon Tyne on there??? is it f*ck.

    Get a grip and know when you're f*cking beaten, I never said we didnt have the chavs, druggies, homeless etc (Prossies you dont see on the streets either) just they tend to be a very small minority compared to Boros MAJORITY....

    ....I never said that Newcastle was perfect but in comparision to Teeside and Middlesbrough in particular its like f*cking Paradise!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha