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  • Ha ha ha ha. Nice Try. Quantitative analysis is all well and good, but what Qualitative data do you have? You can throw statistics around all day and you will get whatever answer you want. Show me the truth behind those numbers. What you have there are a set of numbers wich provide the researcher with plenty of reliability but much less validity. Who decided what constitutes a bad place to live?

    I would appreciate it if you would back you claims up with something more substanive than "this site says".

    I live in an area that is supposedly one of the worst places to live in the city, but it is fantastic. The community spirit is second to none. Superb facilities and amenities - yet we have all the problems of any inner city. So there is my little piece of Qualitative data for you to begin your quest. Prove to me that the people of Middlesbrough think it is a bad place to live.

    I would provide you with a link but I don't have one, sorry!