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  • Come the end of next season the Boro will be there again into Europe, with hopefully another cup success behind us and Champions League qualification, leaving the Geordies in the inter toto again and the Mackems in the bottom 6.

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    • up the boro!. i would just like to say to geordie chris.........when's your next european game again?? cant even win the intertoto cup!!!! now thats a fuckin mickey mouse cup if i ever saw one!!!! geordie twat!!!

      boro will finish above newcastle, sunderland will be relegated...AGAIN!!!

      and as for slating our town, well, middlesbrough may be a shithole, it may have drug problems.....but its far better than newcastle ....alreet!!! ya tosser. the only good thing about newcastle is the quayside...and half of that belongs to gateshead!!!

      enjoy a season of hell under that fuckwit souness......i mean fancy letting Craig bellamy go....he's your best fucking striker......or would that be why your interested in Viduka?

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      • Typical 23 year old Guisborough d*ckhead, good at running his gob off like all Teesiders but cant come up with an intelligent enough answer back.

        You must have ran out of sheep to sh*g then???? Hows your inbred little 'village' full of blokes that thinks they are nails doing then? Still trying to intimidate people going for a quiet drink with their girlfriends when there a group of about ten of you? just to end up standing there filling your pants when your confronted by one man!??!! ha ha ha ha I pity you lot.......soft.

        Wait until the end of the season before you shout on about where Boro will finish smoggie scum..........your not exactly safe as houses when it comes to getting relagated either, you wouldnt know where to put yourself if Newcastle & Sunderland have more success this season.

        So we (the Geordies & proper North Easterners) got put out of Europe?, no big deal most of us saw that coming, the team that put us out wanted it more and would certainly have demolished your minor team by a far greater amount of goals, the spaniards played well so I give them credit for that.

        You lot will show your 'european' quality again and come nowhere close to winning either, I shall be watching them play and laughing when they make more lack lustre performances on channel 5, not sure if I'll join in singing with all your dead original songs though?

        Has Middlesbrough ACTUALLY got any songs of regional history? Perhaps I could create some for you - Lets all go down linthorpe Road.......& grab a 5 bag!!! (to the tune of lets all go down the Strand....grab a banana!) or Creeping along the West Dyke Road.....sneaking into Redcar Races! (be like the Mackems and rip the Blaydon Races tune off!)

        F*ck me, I'm so good at this, I might even get your crap hole of an area on the map.

        Personally, I think letting Craig Bellamy go was not the best move, I know he was brilliant on the pitch but very disruptive off it and he just wouldnt learn....so Souness sent him packing.....stupid, but I can see his reasons, nobody is bigger than the club as Souness himself will find out.

        Funnily enough a large majority of Geordies want him (Souness)out now of St James Park or do you think we all love the scotch c*nt?

        We dont rate Viduka either, we dont want him, hes good enough for your sh*te team though, you lot can keep paying a high salary to a bloke whos on the treatment table more than the pitch.....we'd just heckle the fat c*nt from the stands and make his life a misery.........thats a 52,000 people attendance aswell......whats the Riversides average gate? did they drop your ticket prices aswell since your all dole wallers?

        As for The City of Newcastle upon Tyne.....

        ......if your gonna go on about the Quayside then I'll just point out that if your refering to the nightlife aspects of Gatesheads side of the Quayside, then theres only The Tuxedo Princess, Baja Beach Club and Buffalo Joes, which are all enjoyable places.....

        .....the Newcastle sides got most of the good bars a few clubs and lots of restaraunts, so obviously you've never left your 'village' and been UP there.

        Newcastle is a Thriving City full of life and excitement........as for Guisborough?? ha ha ha ha ha f*cking hell son, curtain twitching is about as good as it gets and chasing sheep.....

        .....now you'll be spending the rest of the week peddling your dynamo to get enough electricity to answer back!!!

        Hail Hail the Hillbilly Jon.

    • Can't believe you could be so generous to a mackem.
      They have to be candidates for a bottom three spot