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  • ha ha ha ha Paul.

    Your a f*cking star!!! Much better fella, your starting to dish it out slightly better but still you cant see the funny side of it all, liven up a little and laugh, your taking my Teesider slurs far too much to heart.

    Your dry tact towards people only leaves you open to more ridicule.

    I was so overwhelmed with pride (and a f*ck load of laughter) that you find Geordies the most obnoxious people that you've encountered, so I take it you've never been to Turkey then?

    We are all intitled to our opinions, I have aired mine and you have aired yours, if you cant tell that mine are a blatent wind up to get reactions and liven these forums up then I suggest you see a specialist.

    Perhaps living and woking in 'madferret' Manchester has overloaded your pea sized Teesider brain?!? Its certainly given me a couple of minutes of 'cheap entertainment' inbetween sending my company E-mails and other bits and bobs.

    Your feelings of warmth and love towards me and my Geordie kin have made me feel so radiant this evening.

    simply radiant!!! even 'Wor Lass' is jealous of ya!!!!

    (just kidding before your head starts to swell)

    ..........you want to add anything else to that or is that it? ha ha ha ha ha your funny, such a 'Biter!' ha ha ha ha