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  • I'm sure if I had been to Newcastle I would have encountered a beggar or two. Or at least a silly beggar or two (doh - awful).

    I'm sure you want Newcastle to loose thier first 4 or 5 matches. FUCK OFF. You want them to loose! What utter bollocks you speak. You trying to tell us you won't gloat if Newcatle finish 4th this season with souey. Shite, utter shite. Yeah.....y'know.....I er......yeah..... I really want Boro to get stuffed to prove a point. How fickle you are. It doesn't matter who was in charge at the Boro I would want them to do well, but again - moaning at home.

    I amazed at your forsight too. You trying to tell us Boro will get beat. WHAT - NEVEEEEER. We will conquer all before us this season, we won't loose a gome at all ever.

    Just going back to the Newcastle as a city (small c). Wasn't it Newcastle that was having trouble selling houses and decided to sell them for 50p for two? Sounds executive stuff to me. That's what they sell two bags of oranges for on Redcar market (special offer). In Newcastle though -two houses!

    You also seem very pre-occupied with letting us know how bad the Boro is! Me thinks the geordie dost protest too much. You love it really don't you. I bet you live in Eston or South Bank. A frustrated Geordie it gets told to shut the fuck up at the club. I once knew pseudo geordie who was a complete tosser.

    Ah, the pseudo geordie. Salt of the earth, the pseudo geordie. Always quick to pour scourn on all around them while singing the virtues of a city (small c) they once drove through on the way to somwhere else.

    Football. Football. It's a long season ahead. A season of many twists and turns. We'll take each game as it comes. etc. Boro good. Newcastle bad. Boro good position. Newcastle not so good position. Just thought I would get some football in - afterall we were awful and I wouldn't want to set myself up for ridicule would I.

    30 - I remember when I was 30. Trying sooo hard to make an impression. Being right was so important. You know what? it doesn't matter on bit. You hate (love) Boro. I couldn't care less about Newcastle let the waffle and bullshit continue.