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  • You've only stated 'facts' about Newcastle??? Then you've already contradicted yourself by saying you can get two houses for 50p here when its obvious you cant!?!?? and most of the comments you made about Newcastle using IN YOUR OWN WORDS are 'opinion based' you cant back facts up either.

    So Sh*tty Eston and Sc*bby Boro are quite acceptable comments, my opinion yes! have I been in these places? yes!, backed by facts - no, just a judgement call on my part, but we are all entitled to opinions, even 'fickle' Geordies.

    Transference - Obviously you dont own a dictionary then? Perhaps you should become a Sci-fi script writer and misuse words that sound good in that field instead? you've missed your vocation in life, mores the pity.

    I wonder if you'll end up reversing the polarity of the nuitron flow by the next message of gibberish you send so that it will transend the laws of the third dimension and materialise them into the vortex abyss? <------- That look like a pile of sh*ite? it is & thats what your messages read like paul - B*LLOCKS!

    ...perhaps you re-invent words meanings? do you by any chance forward them on to George Bush? He like yourself talks a load of s*ite.