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  • See, you are two young to remember the story. Indeed you could buy two houses in Newcastle for 50p. This is not a jibe but a fact, this occurred in the mid 1980's. That is A FACT. So, no contradiction they sonny jim.

    Transference is a term used in Psychoanalysis. What the hell it has to do with sc-fi I don't know. Perhaps you should purchase a psychological or nursing dictionary. Zigmund Freud was the main proponent of this, however almost all,if not all, psychoanalysts still accept this as a relevant defence mechanism today. Making words up - NO, just not thinking that the context in which I use/understand them is the only context in which they exist - you should try it some day. Many big words have more than one meaning - but when you're egocentric you don't even cosider that you might not know some of the other meanings. What a boxed in little world you must inhabit.

    You have every right to your opinion, but don't spit the dummy when you think that others are expressing their view of your city. I stand by my claim that I have never criticised a city I have not been to - please not the 50p one - I have explained that, just because you were too young doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Egocentric?

    I enjoy sci-fi movies, but what I know about sci-fi you could fit on a pin head many, many times. Although reversing polarity does sound lovely, I'm afraid the concept is beyond me.

    I would argue about missing my vocation, but that is none of your business. All I need to say is that my ventures thus far have not steered me wrong and if I never worked again I would not struggle to support myself and my extended family.

    Bollocks. Yes I often talk bollocks. I accept this though. You seem to think you are the voice of reason, experience and knowledge of all things.

    As a final note - the houses for sale for 50p were owned by the local council, they couldn't even rent the fuckin places. They had a proviso - you had to be willing to invest at least £25,000 in two properties - ie. the minimum purchase was £1.00. I don't know if they ever sold them, but they had real trouble shifting them at the time. Like I said FACT.