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  • Just thought that I would also send you a quote from the forum on the programme - This is by no means an exception.

    "A silly programme, factually innaccurate and potentially damaging to the image of my city.

    There was more gun crime in gangland hotspots Northampton and Leicester than there was in Nottingham, according to the latest figures. This programme used the gun crime figures for Nottinghamshire (population over 1 million) as if they had been committed in Nottingham Cty (population 270,000). Surprise, surprise! It looks bad.

    Also, the prgramme distorts because of where the political boundaries are drawn. For example, Nottingham (City) does have a statistically poor educational record, because the higher-achieving schools are often located just over the "border" in the neighbouring boroughs. Unlike, say, Leeds or Birmingham, the city council boundary is drawn very tightly around the city centre and doesn't include most of suburban Nottingham.

    So don't let Phil and Kirstie put you off. Nottingham is a thriving, vibrant and lively place to live. I wasn't born here, didn't grow up here, but choose to live here now."