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  • Ah Geordie Bloke.

    You really are so sweet. The difference between us is your best attempt falls quite low. I haven't even started yet and you lost your bottle. Spat the dummy, so to speak. You try and tell me that it's all a joke, then try and show statistics that highlight how terrible a place middlesbrough is to live. You weren't joking or you wouldn't have troubled your little self so much.

    I wonder if you're beavering away trying to gather information to outwit me. Only time will tell. Good start to the season by the way.

    Oh, I'm quite sure you won't respond. You're ignoring me remember. To be honest it doesn't really matter if you post here again because I can happily while away the hours chatting to my self. Oh and just one niggle I have, I've been about a bit and, unless this is perculiar to Newcastle, Chavers isn't Chavers. It is Chavs. London, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Norwich, Sheffield, Birmingham and many others - It's Chavs. Even if it is local dialect or usage, it is wrong. Would you call Punks, Punkers? I think not.