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    Is Boro vs Darlo the real south of the North East Derby.

    Come on lads - Boro vs Darlo - thats where the action is. These Geordies and Makems think they have the north east sewn up. I reckon that bit of land between Yorkshire and the "real" North East has the hottest derby in the country. Newcastle - Sunderland - Pah.

    They're only jelous because we were formed before them - but what must really stick in the throat is that the only reason we went from ameteur to PROFESSIONAL was because those silly bastards in Tyne and Wear nominated and supported us to join the league. OOhhhh. That must hurt. They could have consigned us to the scrap heap years ago. Thanks lads, I don't know what we'd do without ya! And who would we have to look down on from out lofy league position?

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    • Jabber!

      Just leave paul6969 alone and stop posting messages in this place, it makes these idiots look as if people actually want to talk about Middlebrough FC.

      Let him ramble on to himself, I think hes probably done it for years anyway.

    • Thats not cum....

      ....thats #$%$!

      you cant fire your load! Lol

      must be the resulting mutations caused by wilton.

    • The really sad thing is that you thought I was serious. How can you win the Champions League if you are not in it? Come on you really do have to read what is being said.

      You got Shearer in his prime, I reckon he was better than Owen now, and you still won #$%$ all. Even with Owen I recon you'll win nowt.

      Owen won't stay 4 years. Afterall's said and done football analysts say you'll go the way of Leeds, OOOhhhhh I do hope not! Just more evidence of the lunacy up there in cuckoo land. Robson, a decent manager, is given the boot and Freddy appoints a manager notorious for big spending with little results and lets him spend big!!!!!

      With the sort of outcome people are predicting I think you'll need the tissue - I'd lend you mine but I've just cum in it. Then again - there you go mate, borrow this.

    • Chucks paul3767 a tissue

      'dry your eyes mate!'

      (its not there incase you want a w*nk!)

      i know your getting upset, i know you cant take all this grief and i bet your devastated that stewart downing is now injured? Your one decent player out for 3 months! Lol

      even funnier that you seem to think that newcastle are challenging for the premiership? F*cking hell, i'm a silly geordie ba*tard but even i'm not that delusional.

      thats the funniest thing you've come out with yet!

    • You started being petty. I'd be happy if we go back just two years, what about you? or even just one year. I think most of the callers on 606 tonight got it right - Owen will score goals, but not enough to help you challenge for the league.

    • Oh! And your list of cups, was that in the last 30 - 40 years like you specified?

      ok, if your gonna be petty look up the amount of times newcastle united has played middlesbrough and tell me whos ahead with victorys!!!!!

      lol ----------- shall i gloat sooner rather than later?

      but i already know the answer to that one and its 'yes'

    • Paul - your gonna cry, i know it!!! Lol

      ps - all the geordies that come in here know your full of #$%$, we only come in here to wind you up, has it never occured to you that we e-mail each other for progress reports on 'winding up paul time?'

      the rest of the smoggy supporters out there dont answer in these forums because they dont have computers, every other smoggy who has made a comment in here has made a silly one.

      and your their king! Lol

      doesnt matter what stats you come up with, no matter what response you have - we're gonna f*cking heckle you something rotten, your our #$%$ to torment! Lol

    • Well if we're counting all cups - In that period Boro have won the North Riding Cup about 7 times. We also won the Anglo Italian. The Ameteur FA CUP - The only professional side to do that - So silly cunt research.

      And who's getting shirty when their city is being criticised.

      As for my wealth, I have non, but that bullshit got rid of Geordie Bloke. Strange that isn't it, I talk money and you lot get offended- probably because you're a lot of lazy bastards who don't/won't work. Hence the massive crowd to see Owen today, A WORKING DAY.

      I'll reply to every message you post until you fuck off. The more inane you get the more inane I get. I'm sure the Gallagher brothers feel put in their place by you.

      Shall I tell you what makes Boro better than you, the people, the one's you regularly trash. Why? Because they do not spend their time worrying about what's happening in other places and feel the need to incessantly go on and on and on about how terrible other places are.

      Not happy with signing Owen you still have to come here and let us know how shit we are. You poor, sad, fuck. I am the only one here putting any dignity I had on the line - the rest of the supporters here rise above you imaginitive DIRTY BUM SMOGGIES jibes.

      Your keeper better than ours? Check out opta index for the last 5 years. And I will go on and on about your defence because it IS shit - not banter - You have a shit defence. Like I said Your midfield has good players - but they are all the same. Your forward line has one good striker, Shearer being way past his superb best.

      Take a look at your signings, quite a few of them are players who couldn't get a game for their club and Newcastle promised them a game. Yakubu, Viduka, Boateng, Riggot, Southgate, Ehiogu, Quedrue, Reizeger, Hasslebaink, Parlour, Mendieta to name but a few, were all playing regular football for their sides when we signed them.

    • Your the one who has nowt to shout on about but still manages to stick a stupid reply to ever message that slates you or your precious boro.

      i see the points you are trying to make but you do go on & on like you think your some sort of educated all knowing person, why? Because you live in manchester? Big deal, the place is a #$%$hole anyway, full of #$%$ exactly like teeside but without the white socks.

      i mean if liam and noel gallagher are the cream that manchester produced then i'd rather be a f*cking geordie anyday of the week.

      and if its not because you live in manchester you think your something then its vague attempts to make out you have wealth - please paul, flash some cash & buy a life then!

      lol@newcastle being a north east backwater thinking its a big city!?? Lol - wheres your 'fact' factor there then? Come on! You always say you dont just say stuff but have facts to back them with! Prove newcastles a north east backwater that thinks its a big city then if you can my clever cloggs.

      heres a fact paul your from a scruffy teeside town and think your clever because you live in a city, evidence supplied from yourself over numerous anally answered unimaginative messages.

      ah! The #$%$ defence line again! Yeah we have but we still have better players and a much better goalkeeper than smoggy fc!

      and if it a cup count in the last 30 - 40 years then newcastle are still 4 - 1 ahead paul, perhaps you should check your facts before spouting off as normal.

      here goes; newcastle united

      fairs cup winners 1969
      texaco cup winners 1974, 1975 x 2
      anglo italian cup winners 1973

      you didnt specify which cups did you? ;0)


      carling cup 2005

      and dont forget boro took 128 years to win 'one' cup,

      newcastle united have been fa cup winners 6 times in their history aswell!

      yet again i make you look stupid.

      silly #$%$

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