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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 22, 2005 17:08 Flag

    Is Boro vs Darlo the real south of the North East Derby.

    Invade? You really think you are invading? Awwwwww, he thinks he's an army. Atteeeeeeennnnnshun. one, two, one, two, one, two. I would beast you and your men but I reckon you are all lazy #$%$.

    Gun crime is on the up in Newcastle, at first they thought it was a drug related problem. Later investigations showed the problem to be related to short sighted big game hunters, Zebra being very plentiful in that area. Even further investigations proved that it could not be Zebra but Newcastle fans wearing expensive Zebra costumes, this investigation also highlighted that the average geordie fell below the Zebra in cognitive functoning and in fact only just reached the level of a shelled peanut. Further investigations are on going and there is a beleif within the scientific community that one day a geordie will actually learn to speak.

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