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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 27, 2005 05:08 Flag

    Is Boro vs Darlo the real south of the North East Derby.

    Viduka has been a consisten performer over the last five years. Hasslebaink and Yakuba scored more than the devout Shearer. Quedrue is one of the best left backs in the country. Boateng is fantastic. Schwarzer is always one of the best 3 keepers in the prem. Reizeger was voted Spains best defender when he joined us - he is quality. Ehiogu and Southgate have been solid at the back for years - we had one of the meanest defences in the prem last year. We have a crop of youngster comming through that look very good indeed. Parlour has been fantastic for us. As for the Butt comment - if you're going to quote me please don't misquote me - it just shows you aren't paying attention. Butt, I said, would be good cover for Boateng. Still say that.

    I'm sure that when Shearer looks back in the years to come and sees what Newcastle did for him he will think "bollocks, why didn't I go to the real United?"

    Getting us in the Coca Cola - we aren't in the draw you silly twat.

    Of course Owen wouldn't come to us. I'm under no illusion that he would. Unlike you silly fuckers!

    Wasn't Robson a decent manager. He was the best thing to happen to Newcastle in years and look what Freddy did to him. Nice one.

    Don't hold back the laughter Jabberwabber, it may be the only footie related joy you have for a long time. We can take a peanut brain having a laugh at our expense - especially when all the stats show we were one of the better teams in the prem last season. Go on laugh, it really is good therapy for a sad geordie bastard and a shi.........nah, thats too easy.