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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Aug 30, 2005 19:22 Flag

    Is Boro vs Darlo the real south of the North East Derby.

    Its because paul doesnt know what hes talking about, hes convinced that boro have better players than the toon, just because we had a bad season last time around and boro had their best finish ever in premeirship history.

    he still has a memory lapse that his precious team were knocked out of the uefa cup before the toon, and where were the smoggys in the fa cup aswell as their retaining the coca cola cup? the amnesia this man has is incredible!

    what he doesnt realise is that injury and bad team morale is what cost newcastle united dear last season, things will improve for the geordies and when they do i'm gonna gloat more & more over this idiot paul & his useless team.

    heres one for you paul, whos the better and more succesful player/striker? Michael owen or yakubu? Lol