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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Aug 31, 2005 21:47 Flag

    Is Boro vs Darlo the real south of the North East Derby.

    Paul - your gonna cry, i know it!!! Lol

    ps - all the geordies that come in here know your full of #$%$, we only come in here to wind you up, has it never occured to you that we e-mail each other for progress reports on 'winding up paul time?'

    the rest of the smoggy supporters out there dont answer in these forums because they dont have computers, every other smoggy who has made a comment in here has made a silly one.

    and your their king! Lol

    doesnt matter what stats you come up with, no matter what response you have - we're gonna f*cking heckle you something rotten, your our #$%$ to torment! Lol